View Full Version : the ESPN NBA Basketball thread

tora tora
02-22-2004, 04:39 AM
If anyone has this for xbox live then look me up, Xbox live name is Reggie Miller... we'll let the girls play the fake Live 2004 game.

02-22-2004, 04:51 AM
Too bad, I have it for Playstation 2.

Oh, and don't stereotype all girls. Its just the girls who don't know quality who play NBA Live over ESPN Basketball.

02-22-2004, 10:57 AM
I've got it for x box but i haven't played it on live for awhile.

02-22-2004, 12:43 PM
I have it for PS2, and I haven't played it in awhile. The free throw shooting to too messed up for me (when it freezes or the speed changes all of a sudden).

All my games go like this.

1st- winning
2nd- some what winning
3rd- back and forth competive game
4th- losing big time, can't even make a layup until I'm down 13 with 50 seconds left...


I'd rather blow out the computer everytime rather than go through that...


tora tora
02-23-2004, 11:14 PM