View Full Version : The official Pacers/Wizards good karma thread

02-20-2004, 06:42 PM

MJ will make his triumphant third comeback tonight for the Wiz, dropping 472 points.

Reggie will feint in the middle of the Wizards' 4th-quarter 186-0 run, falling to the floor after weeping in awe of the glorious power of His Airness. :D

Final score:

Wizards 872
Pacers -2


02-20-2004, 06:54 PM
Gotta run, so I'll make this quick.

-Kwame OWNS JO.

-Artest becomes the alternate head coach for the night, as Carlisle and staff stay back in Indy to make sure they don't miss the Boat, Sport, and Travel Show featuring Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel.

-Jared Jeffries (is he playing?) lights it up for 65 points

Wizards 197
Pacers 23

And its not even that close.

02-20-2004, 07:07 PM
The Wizards OWN the Pacers. Remember last game? :devil:

Arenas, Brown, and Thomas will score 80% of Washington's points as they cruise to a double-digit victory. JO, Bender, and Al will all get injured and we'll have to finish the season with this starting line-up:

C - Foster
PF - Croshere
SF - JJones
SG - Miller
PG - Tinsley

The Pacers will finish the season 8-21 to fall short of Isiah's 48 wins last season. Pacers Digest then ceises to exist as all of the posters' heads collectively explode.