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01-19-2004, 12:22 PM
with 6 games to go for us till the Feb 1 deadline and 7 for Boston, 2.5 games in hand, we are on our way to have not only two players again on the All Star East team but also the coaches on the bench (duh mr. BS, if your team is the best, why are you not in the running here?)

It is a two way battle between (who else) Detroit and the Pacers where Detroit has by far the more burdensome schedule.

In actual fact, even if the P's loose from Detroit we'll still be #1 if we win the remaining games and Detroit has to contend with San An, us and Minne.

At Feb 2 is our next "prove it or sleep" stage, when we welcome the Lakers to Indy, most likely without 2 of their star 4 (justice?) but almost certainly with Shaq and Payton. An interesting game from the players point of view, they will want to "set the record straight" I assume and if reflecting upon the vs West top our record can become a quite unique one with no losses in a serie (big CAN).

It in all is time we reclaimed Conseco as the battle ground where everyone went down that came in as it was the first season it was used (I believe that record for home wins still stands).

If we can do that, oye, we win it all :)


01-19-2004, 01:58 PM
Inspirational..... :cry: