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01-02-2005, 11:13 AM
Originally written by Robert W Stevenson & Darrell Nelson
Updated by Brian A. Herbstreit

Indianapolis, Indianapolis Colts
We’ve got out act together and now
We’re ready to roll
Indianapolis, Indianapolis Colts
Last Seasons Champions this season
We go for broke

There’s a brand new season on the line
Peyton Manning Quarterback and doing fine
Edgerrin’s up to his old tricks
Piling up those yards and statistics
Fast as a Porsche but he stops on a dine
Just follow his smoke across the goal line
There’s Marvelous Marvin at Wide Receiver
With hands and moves that make you a believer
Get the ball to him and if he has to soar
Put up six because he will make the score.
Check out David Thornton he loves to stick it
If you come through the line He’ll stamp your ticket
Dwight Freeney will run you down
And then it’s a sack on the next go round
Mike Vanderjegt what a guy
When he kicks the ball, its long and high
When the game is on the line, Don’t you worry
He will put up three in a hurry
Call him Cato or call him June
The man he hits won’t wake up to soon
Nick Harper will be back and never choke
It’s a brand new season and we’re going for broke.
Our Colts will be winners once again
Oh Yea
They need the support of every fan
So lets take it to the top
Brad Pyatt has speed to burn
A big play man on punt returns
Saturday is the name on his jersey
To play this spot you’ve got to get dirty
Always on the job is Stokley and Wayne
Pollard will go over the middle and never complain
Sanders just loves to hit
When the game gets tough the tougher he gets
He’s a true blue Colt and he goes for broke.
Harper and David will steal you blind
They’ll stop your touchdown every time
Joseph Jefferson attacks and gives no slack
You’re looking at the sky
He will put you on your back
Larry Tripplett is his name
Breaking heads is his game
Rob Morris, Idrees Bashir, Cory Bird too
Will scare the daylights right out of you
Clark, Smith, and Mungro will give it their all
They all know what to do when they get the ball
Because they go for broke
Indianapolis, Indianapolis Colts
Here come Manning, Harrison,
Wayne and Edge too

Indianapolis, Indianapolis Colts
On the road or in the Dome
Dungy and Polian have them bad to the bone
Records are shattered, clear the smoke
Because this season we go for broke

I have to post this for the game.

01-02-2005, 11:51 AM
Is this a Duke Tomatoe song? ;)

01-02-2005, 12:35 PM
Is this a Duke Tomatoe song? ;)
A Puke U song! I don't think so. The original was written in 1988, I just updated the lyrics.


Maybe this is better?