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12-30-2004, 03:03 PM
No ebay for the #49 TD ball, no disputes over ownership.

Perhaps the biggest question coming out of Sunday's 34-31 overtime win over San Diego concerned the whereabouts of the football that QB Peyton Manning threw for his 49th touchdown pass.
Manning fired a 21-yard pass to WR Brandon Stokley with 56 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter to bring the Colts to within 31-29.
In addition to be the touchdown pass that broke Dan Marino's 20-year NFL record for scoring passes in a season, it was also Stokley's 10th touchdown catch this year - allowing him to join WRs Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne with double-digits touchdowns.
When asked after the game, both Manning and Stokley confessed that they didn't know what happened to the ball.
Initial reports had representatives from the Pro Football Hall of Fame taking control of the football after Stokley's catch.
But it turns out that the elusive ball remains in the custody of Colts' officials. The current plan is if Manning doesn't throw another touchdown pass this season, the ball will be kept by the franchise and displayed in the team's Hall of Fame.
Stokley said that after his catch, he handed it to inactive WR Aaron Moorehead. Moorehead told him later that sideline officials took it away from him and placed it in a box for safekeeping.
If Manning throws another touchdown pass, the 49th ball will be sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Colts will keep the final ball. Manning's 48th touchdown pass, which came on a three-yard shovel pass to RB James Mungro and tied Marino's single-season record, will be sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I'm sure after the game the NFL even took Manning's and Stokley's Jerseys.

At least Peyton and Brandon aren't pulling a Pete Rose. Rose has sold off hundreds of jerseys as the one he used to breakTy Cobb's record.