View Full Version : I'm gonna lay some of this on Tinsley

12-26-2004, 01:04 AM
At crucial points in the game Tinsley made some bad decisions. At one crucial point--maybe with three or four minutes to go--he jacked up a three without getting the ball to anyone else first, and it really hurt our momentum.

I felt like he had a number of other forced shots and passes, and I noticed a couple of times in the stretch where I felt like he was having his own personal mini-showdown with Billups and/or Rip. I still think he will mature to where he needs to be to lead us to important wins, but he apparently ain't quite there yet.

Admittedly, I'm not a huge Tinsely fan. The thing that irritates me most is his unpredictable and unreliable outside shooting. I would sure love to have a point guard who could hurt opponents from the perimeter. Sometimes Tinsley does this, but many times he does not. He is streaky at best.

Also, I must give credit where its due: he is a great penetrator and comes up with some drives and moves and assists in traffic that are brilliant. And he seems to be getting better and better at this. But it doesn't jibe real well with the rest of the team right now. (I was intrigued by someone else's post (Rimfire?) who noted that Carlisle needs to get the other guys moving while Mel drives to give him more options.)

So, while I see the potential of Tinsley (actually, periods of now and periods of not yet or "potential"), I still feel the need to call him on tonight's performance. It wasn't what we need from our one spot to beat a top team.

12-26-2004, 01:20 AM
As I said in UB's thread, it was obvious to those at the game that Jamaal was sick as a dog today. Plus, Billups hit some tough shots.

But, I will admit he was trying to do too much out there. Hopefully with some practice time Jamaal will realize that there's more balance on the roster now and he doesn't have to try and do everything.

12-26-2004, 10:20 AM
I'll give Jamaal a pass yesterday, as apparently he was sick.

But I can't say I appreciated the ill-mannered and stupid on court behavior of the two previous games. Those two techs the other night at a crucial part of the game were not worthy of his game.

12-26-2004, 10:24 AM
I cant believe you guys. First you moan and complain that Tinsley did not pass the ball enough and he took too many shots. This time he gets 13 assists and only takes 10 shots and you ***** about that. Make up your mind do you want him to lead the league in assists or in points. He is sick right now and that is surely messing up his timing but he still got 13 assists.

12-26-2004, 10:49 AM
Even having a bad game Tinsley did more to help you than hurt you.

The offense was stagnant. Other than Reggie and Foster, players weren't moving without the ball, weren't making things happen. The only way Tinsley has of changing that on his own is by penetrating the defense - but the rest of the players still weren't moving or making things happen.

But if he wasn't playing, the offense you got at the end of the 3rd/beginning of the 4th when AJ was running things is what you'd have had the whole game - you'd have been lucky to score 60.

12-26-2004, 11:06 AM
Ragnar, on the head!

Tins was sick, yet some here want to ***** because he's shooting to much (10 shots, 4 - 6 out of time prayersm beacuse not one dog was moving on offense [according to Slick whom I believe]) and 13 assists.
JO did not bring what some expected, well let me tell you who think so one thing; If you expected JO to come in after not playing 15 games and only back to practise for 2 weeks, practising with the second and 3d string, then you were sorely mistaken.
JO played most certainly the second half a brilliant game, if you look at the numbers for the second half, and if they are any indication of what is going to happen the next couple of weeks, you'd be looking at 30 - 15 games, and add to that 5 blocks a game.

I for one am happy JO did not struggle as much the second half, threw away the rust and came on, stopped ugly Ben and was a threat on offense.

Let's face it, Rip for the second time flopped a player on the Pacers in a Flagrant that was never close to one and they hit everything they threw up, I am not worried we will beat them next game.
Without Ron in a 7 game series? only if Jax becomes a lot more of a team player and stops his inconsistency, but it "could be" possible, as Rick said, Jax will as soon as he is back start at the 3 and Reg at the 2, Tins, Jeff and JO will be the others, then look at our bench, and we have an awfull lot to play for this season.

Last night showed if anything the reason why Shaq said the only player he feared in the EC was JO.

Stop bashing our own players, they need our support right now, save the critique for when they are complete and do not compete, untill then they have my support 100%