View Full Version : After it's all said and done...it's still a REGULAR season game.

12-25-2004, 09:20 PM
YES! I wanted to win this win so badly and show the world even with our injuries and suspensions we are still a good team...but we didn't. J.O.'s first game, he played really rusty and it showed. The bright point is Stephen Jackson isn't back yet and when he returns he has to play like an allstar, and I truly believe with S. JAX back we are right there with Miami for the best team in the East. S. JAX is obviously not as good as a defender as Ronnie but he will stick on Hamilton and play decent defense on him and keep him under control..it's just a tough assignment for Reggie....And who knows??? There's still an outside possibility Ron might return come playoff time. Just like what happened with Minnesota's 5 first round draft picks, if Ron gets counseling etc. we can appeal the decision later on to the Board of Governors and have Ron reinstated. It may be a gloomy day for Pacer fans as we have dropped to under .500 but I think really bright days are ahead of us. We have a pretty easy schedule coming up and I think J.O. will gain his rhythm back and we will be fine. Detroit Pissers are still defending champions and even though we are better than them, we did not play our A game today and it showed while they did. Any-ways, go PACERS and even though today's game was disappointing as we were trying to show the public we are a good team, we will fly under the shadows for a little while and come back and be just fine...remember, S. JAX's return I believe is against Detroit, and we will be sure to smack them!!!