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Old as Dirt
12-24-2004, 01:13 PM
With Foster getting double figures, and the way Harrison is coming along, and we all know what JO can do. Plus the bench which has shown what they can do. I will say that the Pacers are one of the best in the NBA . If not the best

12-24-2004, 01:52 PM
I will say that with Artest they were one of the top three. Without him they have no answer for all the top level small forwards and shooting guards.

12-24-2004, 02:25 PM
Then it would seem none of the other teams do either.

12-24-2004, 02:53 PM
Let's look at the top teams that come playoffs we will have to worry about.

Detroit, Miami, Cleveland, and perhaps now New Jersey are the biggest east threats.

In the West, should we make the Finals, we will have to deal with either San Antonio, Seattle, Phoenix, or Minnesota. I don't know about the rest of you, but I think SA is the favorite here. Now let's look at their SGs and SFs.

Detroit has Rip Hamilton and Tay Prince. Rip is someone Ron cannot stop anymore than the next guy because of his speed and use of great picks. Prince is something like their 4th option on offense, and I'm not even including their bench, which would probably put him at 5th or 6th.

Miami has Wade at SG now, and Jones at SF. Wade is like Rip in that he's too fast for Ron, and Jones, while a threat, is not someone I suddenly fear because we don't have Artest around.

Cleveland has LeBron. That will suck. :laugh: Not that Ron would have stopped him, but he sure would have helped. However, I'm not convinced the rest of his team is good enough to topple us in 7 games.

New Jersey has Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. Now here's where Ron would have come in quite handy. Whichever we'd have put him on, they'd have had a bad series. However, looking at their roster, aside from their "Big 3" they are pathetically weak, especially up front. They don't beat us in 7.

San Antonio has Ginobili and Bowen. Ginobili, though a different mold than Rip and Wade, is still one of those guys that can give Ron fits because he's an excellent slasher, and has good foot speed of his own. It's hard to describe without having video of the guy to show you, but he's not someone Ron would have a good time with. Bowen, aside from hitting 3's, is not a real threat offensively and is out there almost entirely for his defense.

Looking at all of these teams, some more than others will be tougher w/o Ron, but the ones that can hurt us the most w/o Ron, aren't the best teams listed, and likely are not good enough to beat our team as a whole in 7 games.

The best 3, San Antonio, Miami, and Detroit, feature SGs that Ron can't really deal with that well, and SFs that you don't need a DPOY to keep in check. This is really my main point in all of this, and is why despite the loss of Ron, I really feel we've got a good shot at the title.