View Full Version : WE CAN NOT WIN A Championship WITHOUT OUR ENTIRE TEAM.

12-22-2004, 10:30 PM
This game was just so frustrating. It was difficult watching our team giving up this game...but watching this game makes you realize that we have absolutely no chance to win a championship without J.O., JAX, and RON ARTEST. I know the Arbritrator said that Ronnie's suspension can stand but we need to do everything that we can do to get Ron Artest back by the end of the season...if that includes appealing to the Board of Governors...taking it to federal court...whatever it takes, we need Ron Artest back. IF Ronnie doesn't come back, despite our heart and hard work; we just don't have enough what it takes to win it all. We need the defense in crucial times Ronnie brings...we need the inside game and outside shooting Ronnie brings...Ronnie dominates the game on both ends and we somehow need to get him back, or we will all just watch this seasonend in disappointment as usual...I love this team so much but tonight along with the horrible REFS just frustrated me and makes you realize we need all our Stars to get this done.