View Full Version : Hasn't the suspensions made you love the Pacers even more!??!

12-21-2004, 10:51 PM
I would never have thought before the brawl I could love the Pacers even more but hasn't the suspensions made you love this team even more??? I love S. Jax so much now. He has been a Pacer for a few games and he stood for his boys no matter what the situation was....Ronnie was making some Pacers upsets a week before but S. Jax and J.O. stood for what was right and was defending the honor of their boys.

Going through difficulties makes you love things more.....such as relationships...the more difficulties you have been together eventually helps you make the relationship stronger at the end if you both understand each other...and in this case, the last couple of weeks have been difficult with some of the losses and lack of manpower and I was at the Clippers-Pacers game and even though we lost I cheered for our boys and loved their effort...imagine Eddie Gill our starting PG....and the Jones bro's...and Uncle Reggie and Tinz stepping it up....this whole situation has made the Pacers players closer together as well and I am confident once all the boys return...especially Ronnie Artest, that no one in this league can hold us back from winning a championship...our heart is going to be so strong that we will prevail....people tell me what you think.

12-21-2004, 10:52 PM
I almost forgot Harrison!!! This team has gained a lot through this experience and our bench players will be one of the best in the league when this is all said and done...I just wish Harrison didn't fumble the ball everytime he got it but I love his heart and determination!