View Full Version : Current Pacers Team v.s. Pre Brawl Team

02-26-2013, 06:39 AM
Hi all,

Greetings. I am a pacers fan from Hong Kong, just moved to DC for my PhD, this is my first post.

I was talking to a friend (not a pacers fan) on how I like the current team more than the pre brawl team which was tagged as the frontrunner at the time. Then I suddenly realized how those two teams resemble each other defensively. Here are the breakdowns:

C. JO and Big Roy - both super shotblocker, though I think JO at the time was better (defensively not to mention offensively)
PF. Jeff and West - I know, it was Jeff who was the center, but the position does not matter. Jeff was a much better rebounder, but both Jeff and West are rock solid, smart defender
SF. Artest and PG - Ace defender on the wing who can stop or slow the opposing ace
SG. Jack and Granger - yes, I know, Reggie was still the man, but Jack was supposed to be the heir apparent, both are long defenders who capable of defending at high level
PG. Tinsley and Hill - the similarity is the least here, but tinsley is about the same height as Hill, though the defensive capability is not even close

What I try to say is as much as the teams are different offensively, it was Bird's vision to create a team that are big at every position, a super wing defender + a super shot blocker.

What do you think?