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12-18-2004, 10:23 AM

Crowd gets ugly after PSAL game

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December 17, 2004

Crowd misconduct marred the ending of a PSAL boys basketball game yesterday. The incident started after Long Island City defeated host Forest Hills 51-40.

According to Long Island City coach Harley Watstein, rowdy fans threw empty bottles onto the court while the teams were shaking hands. Fans and cheerleaders then swarmed Long Island City's bench and began to curse at the visiting team.

"The crowd was wild but I didn't expect it to turn into a riot," Watstein said. "Immediately we thought of the Pistons-Pacers fight."

Unlike that incident, LIC's players remained on the court while Watstein called the police. Forest Hills provided only two school safety officers to protect the players, said Watstein. Officers arrived 10 minutes after Watstein placed the call.

Although the situation seemed under control, Watstein pleaded with the officers to escort his players to the 67th Avenue subway station.

"I asked the officers 15 times for a truancy bus," Watstein said. "They said they can't do that."

Watstein, who walked with his team for two blocks toward the subway, thought the altercation had finished. But shortly after leaving his team at the subway, Watstein learned one of his assistant coaches was allegedly assaulted by fans from the game.

Forest Hills coach Ben Chobhaphand could not be reached for comment and PSAL officials did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

12-18-2004, 10:36 AM
I am waiting for the one where the player does not respond and then gets stabbed by the fan. All hail Stuck Fern