View Full Version : Chris Webber on the GAME!

12-12-2004, 01:40 AM
“Definitely it was a nice win. But I will say one thing right now, we respect the hell out of the Indiana Pacers. For them to be depleted the way they are and to be playing with that group of guys the way they are says a lot about what this organization is about. I was nervous, really nervous going into tonight’s game. Not only with all the guys they have suspended; but also the ones that are hurt like Pollard and Bender. I wouldn’t want to play them when Jermaine gets back."

(On sluggish play) "You know you’ve got to give the Pacers credit for that. I don’t want to blame a lot of it on us because a lot of it was them. They made us take quick shots and we played a little selfish at times; but we as a team have to play on a more consistent level in order to be as good as we can be.”