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11-20-2012, 03:57 PM
I was just fiddling with some stats and thought this one was interesting enough to share. Not in the story it tells, just as some interesting numbers.

This is the 2P% improvement that having this player added to the team's average creates. This doesn't mean a player is a good or bad shooter overall, just how he relates to the team. What you get is a mix between shooting % and number of shots taken. So a bad shooter with low volume will impact that PCT less than the sub-par high volume guy.

The value is the change in the team's 2P% if you include his shooting in the total vs having him removed from the total. So a +0.5 might mean that without him the team shoots 41.0% and with him they shoot 41.5%. .5% or more is a pretty helpful contribution.

Young +0.729
West +0.662
Lance +0.468
Hill +0.327

Middle/low contribution
Pendy +0.258
Ben +0.151
Tyler 0.000
Orlando -0.060
Miles -0.167 (he's only 1-5...but he's 1-5)
Green -0.214
Ian -0.255

Augustin -0.507
Paul -0.641
Roy -0.759

For all of the complaints about Sam's 3PAs, he's been very helpful getting high PCT scores inside the arc, enough to really bring up the total team average. And obviously the most damning is Roy's number. Remember this is 2PA only where you'd expect bigs to have an advantage.

Tyler is the oddity as Mr. Team Average, carrying a completely neutral 0.000. And this should tell you that the team is shooting the same 44% from 2 that Tyler is.

I think I will revisit this stat over the season just for fun.

11-20-2012, 04:15 PM
Wow, Augustin is that low, and he really doesn't shoot all that often.

11-20-2012, 04:51 PM
Wow, Augustin is that low, and he really doesn't shoot all that often.

Which may be part of his issue. He seems to only shoot rushed jumpers late in the shot clock, I'd like to see them get him some mid-range shots and see if he can find a rhythm.

Regardless, it isn't working right now. He's so bad, and this interesting stat only proves that further.