View Full Version : Interesting Tinsley Stats

11-26-2004, 05:11 PM
Just to show where Tinsley rates in some of the statistical categories in relation to other players who are considered "elite":

3 Point Shooting: 21st/43.2%
Assists Per Game: 4th/8.6
Total Assits: 3rd/95
Assist to Turnover Ratio: 27th/2.64
Steals: 2nd/3.00

It is interesting to note that in the category of Assists/Turnover Ratio the following players have either the same or a worse ratio than Tinsley: Bibby (tied), Billups, Payton, Dwayne Wade, Parker, McGrady. And the following players turn the ball over more than Tinsley: Iverson, Francis, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe, Dwayne Wade, Nash, Lebron James, and Grant Hill. These are all players that have been or currently are considered the superstars of the league. I think that Tinsley's numbers are right about where we need them to be. And he has made noteable improvements where he is lacking such as 3 point shooting. I was actually a bit surprised as to the number of "good shooters" who had lower percentages then Tinsley.

And if you were to count all the passes the Tinsley makes that results in FT's for teammate, his contribution goes way up. Against Boston Tinsley's Assists were down, but we shot 34 FT. That happens when you have great ball movement. I would expect that the number of TOs decreases as his playing time with this group goes up.

The Pacers are extremely lucky to have Tinsley guiding them right now.