View Full Version : Pacers vs. Sonics.

Jose Slaughter
11-26-2004, 04:13 PM
I don't want to over look the Bobcats becaue they do play hard & it is the 2nd of a back to back for the Pacers. It should be a win but I would understand if we came up short in the game tonight.

The win over Minnesota was big, I mean real big. What Carlisle is doing is truely amazing. The next big test will be against Seattle. Two reasons; first, the Pacers will be playing on the road for the first time since the Pistons game. Second, the Sonics are 11-2.

The Sonic's have started the same 5 all season, Jerome James in the middle, Rashard Lewis & Reggie Evans up front, Luke Ridnour & Ray Allen in the backcourt.

James against Harrison will be a battle to see who stays on the floor longer. James collects 3.8 fouls in his 15.8 mpg, not good. Harrison isn't a whole lot better with 3.3 in 18.4

In the last 5 Harrison has played 22.2 mpg & collected 2.6 pf per game.

Center is by far a weak spot for both teams but I think Harrison is improving each game. Giving that James could be the weakest starting center in the league I think the Pacers will have a slight advantage here.

Evans against Croshere. Evans does little else other than rebounding. We have seen what Croshere can do over the past weeks. Croshere will pound the boards & take away the one reason Evans is even on the court. On the other end Croshere will draw Evans out with his shooting range. Croshere should have a big game for us.

Lewis against James Jones. This will be a battle. Lewis has the edge but I have yet to see Jones even blink when faced with a challenge. Lewis should get his average but the man is gonna have to work his but off to get it. Jones just needs to stay active to be effective. I'm not too concerned about how much he scores but if he can nail a couple 3's early it will make things a lot easier later in the game.

Allen against Fred Jones is gonna be nothing but fun. Allen has been on a different level all year. In just under 40 mpg he is averaging 24.8 points on .465 from the field .506 on his 3's & .932 from the line. Jones is giving up 3 inches but is by far a better defender. The edge still goes to Allen but I think Fred is gonna give him fits allnight.

Ridnour against Tinsley won't be a matchup for long. Ridnour is McMillian's point guard of the future but he is still at least a year away from being the player they need. Antonio Daniels will get the lions share of the minutes after Mel Mel, abuses young Luke early & offen. Daniels is a solid player but Tinsley has really taken his game up a notch.

This will be another great game & if the Pacer's don't go into "run the clock out mode" late in the game & continue to attack for 48 minutes they will pull out a win.

Because of the holiday the national media may not have noticed that the Pacers beat the T-Wolves. However, when Sports Center comes on across the country Monday morning & the lead is the Pacer victory over the league leading Sonic's, all attention will turn to what we have here.

The only question is, do we give Artest a ring next June?