View Full Version : IMO, the Pacers can beat Brooklyn this season.

08-30-2012, 08:58 AM
I think the Pacer’s can beat Brooklyn this year. But they should be a tough out. Maybe 2 wins for the Nets during the regular season. Pacers in 6 if they meet during the playoffs. The Pacers are a better team, but Brooklyn has either the best player or 2 best players depending on how you feel about Danny and Joe Johnson.

Brooklyn has 13 players right now. They might get another guy, but I doubt he will matter much.

Joe Johnson
Deron Williams
Brook Lopez
Kris Humphries
Berald Wallace
Mirza Teletovic
Reggie Evans
Serry Stackhouse
Keith Bogans
MarShon Brooks
CJ Watson
Tornike Shengalia
Ryshawn Taylor

Which seems to mean their rotation should look something like this. At least the 8 guys that will be doing most of the heavy lifting. Looks to me to be a pretty solid group. Williams and Johnson are as good as it gets. Brooks can score. Wallace and Humphries can defend and score a bit. Evans and Brooks are good backups that would be a pretty good player if they could blend their talents.

PG – Williams/Watson
SG – Johnson/Brooks
SF – Wallace
PF – Humphries/Evans
C – Lopez

One question about Mirza Teletovic. Is he going to be any good? and what does he do to get any playing time.

Defensively, Williams will be a problem for Hill, but less of a problem than he against DC last year, I hope :pray::laugh:. Johnson is very good, be interesting to see if he can overpower Paul. If not, Nets will have issues as they will need Johnson to score for them. Lopez will score some but, imo, Roy can handle him. Dwest can handle Humphries. Humphries will get his share of ‘Troy Murphy Rebounds’, but that’s all. I like Wallace, but he is slowing down and breaking down. Danny will have to pay attention, but Danny >>> Wallace. Brooks will score, that’s what he does. Is he better than Gerald Green? probably/maybe not.

The question of the Net’s offense may simplify the defense however. Last year it was all one-on-on with Dwill. Will it be the same with Dwill and JJ? if so, the Pacers will be in good shape defensively.

Offensively, Roy should do well vs Lopez, very well. I also like Dwest vs Humphries. JJ can defend Paul. Wallace can defend the inside game of Danny. So more jumpshots for Danny. Not sure that is a good thing, but Danny can score both inside and out. He will be ok. Not sure Brooks can defend anyone. So Green should have a good game, I hope. Bottom line, the Pacers can score vs the Nets better than the Nets can score vs the Pacers. Over 48 minutes, that should be the difference.

Come playoff time, the Net’s will not be a player. They look like a regular season team to me. Able to beat the bad teams, but not a good team in 7 games. Lopez and Humphries just don’t seem to be the grind it out types. Their games will fall on JJ and Dwill. Too stagnant.

08-30-2012, 09:11 AM
IMO, the Pacers can beat every team in the league this season. We should make one of those threads.

08-30-2012, 09:32 AM
But what about Cleveland?!?!

08-30-2012, 05:22 PM
I'm particularly looking forward to see how we match up against Berald Wallace, Serry Stackhouse, and Ryshawn Taylor

08-30-2012, 05:37 PM
Man, some of you are ruthless out here... It is not like this dude is trolling like others here... Cut him a break...