View Full Version : Clarification for Draft Picks and Protected List Rules

07-18-2012, 02:29 AM
dear all,

given the recent questions, i would like to clarify them here. please check the summer thread for my opinion of the JS/mourning trade.

1. you cannot involve any players who you have on your unprotected lists in trades. once you unprotect them, you are renouncing your rights on them and they are effectively in the draft pool. nobody else may pick them up until the draft.

2. of course, this only applies AFTER the protected list deadline has passed. however, since not everyone has submitted their list (and the deadline has passed), i have extended the deadline to AUGUST 1.

3. effectively, this means right now that nobody has unprotected anybody. owners are free to make changes to their protected lists, and players listed as "unprotected" are still part of each owner's roster. owners who are not interested in changing the protected lists they have submitted do not need to submit a new one on august 1, as i will take that the list that they have already submitted still holds true.

4. trades made before the deadline will require affected owners to submit new 8-man protected lists by the deadline.

5. trades made after the deadline will not require any action from owners' parts.

6. teams can have more or less than 8 players on their books after the deadline, it does not matter as any players past 12 will automatically dropped on the first game day deadline.

i hope this makes everything clearer, and please ask more questions so we can continue to clarify our rules as a whole.

thank you!