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11-22-2004, 11:37 PM
Found this somewhat interesting comment
He says he and Isiah would have been in the stands fighting



November 22, 2004

When questioned by reporters before last night's Knicks- Cavaliers game at Madison Square Garden, Kurt Thomas wasn't aware of the NBA's decision to suspend Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest for the rest of the season.

"Wow," Thomas said after being told of the suspension. "Wow. That's all I can say."

Actually, he had more to say, and so did a few other Knicks, both about Friday's brawl in Auburn Hills, Mich., and the suspensions handed down by NBA commissioner David Stern last night.

"You never know how someone reacts during a situation like that," Thomas said. "You wish that it didn't happen to this league . . . A year [suspension]? I mean, I love to play the game. To sit out a whole year ... We knew it was going to be a tough decision, a tough ruling coming down. That's why David Stern's the commissioner."

The Knicks were traveling from Dallas to New York late Friday night when video of the melee involving the Pacers, Detroit Pistons and Pistons fans began its journey into every living room in America.

The Knicks had the day off Saturday. It seems fair to say the cell phones of everyone in the NBA were burning as the far-reaching implications of the incident became clearer.

"Very unfortunate. Very unfortunate," Knicks coach Lenny Wilkens said. "It's not something we want to see, any of us. The commissioner has to do what he has to do. I'm sure he weighed all the facts. I'm sure he watched a lot more video on it than I did, and I saw a lot. I'm sure he saw every angle and everything."

And every angle Stern saw must have made him sick. His disgust was clear during the news conference at the Garden in which he announced the suspensions.

A few hundred feet away, the Knicks were going through their pregame warm-ups on the Garden floor.

Knicks guard Stephon Marbury had nothing to say about the incident or the suspensions. "I got no comment on that," he said.

Knicks president Isiah Thomas, once the Pacers' coach, wasn't available to talk, but one of Artest's former Indiana teammates did invoke Thomas' name in discussing his feeling that the players were provoked.

"I'm glad I wasn't there. I would have been all in there, too," Knicks guard Jamison Brewer said. "To tell you the truth, Isiah would have been there, too."

Brewer was a Pacer the previous three seasons before joining the Knicks. Not surprisingly, he thought Artest's suspension was too severe.

"Me kind of knowing Ron, he didn't want no problem," Brewer said. "I know he's kind of hurt by it a lot, the whole situation . . . He shouldn't get a whole season. I guess they're trying to set an example for players or something. That's taking a lot of money out of someone's pocket.

"I'm not saying it was good, but I would have done the same thing. Somebody hit me with something, my momma always taught me, I'm going to hit them back. When I seen the fans on the court, you've got to protect yourself."

Guard Jamal Crawford said he hadn't seen much of the video. "I don't watch a lot of TV," he said. He focused less on the penalties and more on the fracas itself.

"That's just a tough situation because the fans are there to enjoy the players and vice versa," Crawford said. "I don't know, honestly. That's a tough one . . . It's sad, actually."

Crawford said he's never been told that going into the stands is a cardinal sin for a player. Obviously, the NBA thinks it is.

"I guess it goes without saying," he said. "That was crazy, just to even see that. It was like a bad dream. It looked ugly all the way around. It looked fake, like something out of a movie."

11-23-2004, 12:52 AM
Somehow I just can't picture J.Brewer going into the crowd to fight with the threads he wears.:laugh: