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Pacer Fan
07-07-2012, 06:22 PM
Just messing around here. I'm not positive this is all correct to actual cap space. However, this is how I interpreted the information given to me (which isn't saying much lol). It appears that all can be signed under the cap without exceptions being used as long as it's done before Hibbert, Hill and Plumlee are signed.

Please correct me if you see something incorrect.

Roy Hibbert / Ian Mahinmi / Miles Plumlee
David West / Elton Brand / Jeff Pendergraph
Danny Granger / Cory Brewer
Paul George / Courtney Lee / Orlando Johnson
George Hill / Darren Collison / Lance Stephenson

10 West
13 Granger
3.2 Brewer
2.5 George
2.3 Collison
900k Stephenson
1.5 Pendergraph

3 Hansbrough traded to Nuggets for Brewer
2.9 Jones trade to Clppers for TPE

Cap Holds Total = 11.1
Hibbert 6.4
Hill 3.8
Plumlee 894k

44.5 with salaries and cap holds, excluding Jones, Hans, and all holds except Hibbert and Hill.

Renounce Foster, Amundson, Price, Fesenko, Barbosa, which means team is giving up all rights.

44.5 + FA Pick ups
2.5 Mahimni
5 Brand
5 Lee
Total 12.5
44.5 + 12.5 + 57 total salary before Hibbert and Hill is signed. This should be under the new salary cap number which will be release July 11th.

Add 12.3 to cap once Hibbert, Hill and Plumlee is signed. 12.3 is the difference from cap hold and contract.
57 + 12.3 = 69.3 total cap.

Also this doesn't include Orlando Johnson...Not sure what he'll be signed for.

I made a correction, I had Brewers salary in there 2 times in 2 different area's, I removed 1 of them.

07-07-2012, 06:49 PM
sounds about right, the final '12.3' number will be more like 10.5-11, depending on Plumlee actual salary (Hill's salary is likely to start at slightly under 7, Hibbert's 13.7).