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11-22-2004, 07:59 PM
my opinion.

I have seen the press conference, as usual after the fact, I have read the articles posted (thank you all for posting them, i wish i had the time to find them) and I KNOW i have to move this board to vb.

I know, the last thing you need is my opinion, an opinionated Dutchmen, living in the UK, (obviously not capable of attending to his roots) [who is dislexic at best in his typing]: Like you need ME!

Well I stil have an opinion, this board advocates free speech (otherwise i would have kicked it :D) so here I am!

I already statedwhat i thought of the "sentence", so I leave that out for now (it might be intertwined) instead I will just comment on the PC.

DW: he is still pissed off that Ron was still on the team.
He was hit hard from behind and hit in the butt by the statement of the Simon's.

in short: he knows he has the next MJ at his hand but damn if he didn't bring the Rodman luggage.

no end, he likes the Simon's statement, he is behind Ron 110% and no less, despite all the friction between DW and him on this.

They hate the sentence, though DW nay minds Ron's. the remainder is ridiculous. you know what? i agree with Jax, and 20 for Ron ( yes less, didn't you watch the vid? ) and 10 for JO I could live with,. not like, mind you, but live with.

We (P_ management and I) don't hate the sentence for the same reaosn, I'm smart enough to know that, but we both do.
DW hates is because RA is coming back, and before the end of the season, unlike it says now, the PU is strong enough for that certainly with help from the Simons'

LB hates it because his chances of another ring this year are now slim.

Reg, Rick, Austin: sorry you had to go throuhg this, certainly wihtout being able to say what you want, but yes Reg,. this team is more "close" then it could've ever come, and YES there are some beautiful things still to happen this year.


I cancelled my trip because at this moment in time I'm ready to attack anyone over this and I mean ATTACK (rad to kill).
also because I was on my way to see my heros, two of them are not even allowed in the same arena as me......

Do I want to be there? perhaps, but you know what?
If I can;t see my stars, can't go for the signature on the shirt, why would I waste my money.

I support this tea, 11-% with or without their superstars, but is just doesn't justify my expenses atm.

I love the pacers. the players and the fans, but I' poor and can only afford 1 or 2 trips a year to see them, do you really minhd if it was a complete team I wanted to see?

In it all is lost what "some" articles echo, Stern ahdned the NBA to some Detroit hoodlums and I'm, sorry, but fot he time being: all Detroit fans to me are the scum of the earth, they have something to make right, which they can;t/

<shrug> : hurt

11-22-2004, 08:28 PM
Which one are you - Bill or Ted :)

11-22-2004, 08:40 PM
I'm sorry :(