View Full Version : Revisionist history time!

11-22-2004, 06:39 PM
Where would we be, right now, had we kept Harrington and been able to trade Artest for Peja?

It's time for the Ron Artest apologist to eat some crow over this, and you can place blame wherever you like, but when you get down to brass tacks, Artest just cost us the season. Yes, Ben Wallace and the Pistons Fans also cost us the season, but so did Ron Artest. And he's the one to blame for us, because those other 2 parties aren't part of OUR team.

I've supported Ron despite the antics over the past 2+ seasons. For his salary, it's still almost impossible to find a better producer on the court, and even given the baggage, up until now he's been a net asset. I supported and even prayed for the Peja trade, not because I thought Peja was a better player, but for 2 reasons. First, Peja was highly unlikely to be a distraction to the team at any point during his career. Second, with O'Neal on the team, we don't need more guys going towards the basket, we need guys who can shoot. Finally, on a non-basketball issue, Indiana fans enjoy good shooting and clean, fluid play, which is more the style of Peja than Ron. It would help our casual fans get into the team better.

Now, had that trade gone through, and as a result we let Al Harrington start at SF and put Peja at SG, where would we be today? Can anyone, at this point, claim Artest is still worth the trouble he causes?

Before you slam this post, keep in mind that I think that the suspensions are rediculous, and also that the Union and the Pacers can most likely get these reduced to around 10-30 games, based on the Vernon Maxwell precedent and the negligence of Pistons security. If that happens, my opinion on this changes slightly, because this team can still win a championship. But as long as thes suspensions stand, I now consider Ron Artest to be a liability. Not that I don't think he's a great player. Not that I think he was out of bounds in going out of bounds. Just that the bottom line is that Artest single-handedly cost us an entire season, and has also made himself untradeable at the same time. He has handcuffed the organization for this season, ruined the hopes of fans for this season, and also scrapped any chance of getting rid of him before he blows up again. At this point, one begins to wonder if we'll ever win a championship as long as Artest is a member of the Pacers.