View Full Version : The Pacers drafting strategy under Bird

06-29-2012, 01:57 AM
There is no doubt there has been an overly dramatic reaction to the selection of Miles Plumlee, especially considering the position the Pacers were drafting. However, there is some validity to the complaints about poor draft picks Bird has made in the past, and how this one compares. There is no doubt that when Larry has had control of the draft, pre-draft workouts have played a far bigger role in the selection of players than they do with most other teams. Paul George's stock skyrocketed after great workouts with many teams including the Pacers, and when Hibbert and Danny were drafted Bird discussed their workouts first and foremost as well. This has also bit the Pacers in the behind a few times (see James White, Shawne Williams)...

I want to have a discussion on the idea of how much stock should be put in to college stats and tape vs. workouts with teams. Obviously we picked Plumlee because he performed very well in his workout. Do you think there is credence to the idea that you can get a better idea of someone's NBA potential based on these types of workouts vs. their whole body of work in college? Is the NBA game different enough than the college game that college performance can be looked at as simply one part of the decision process with workouts carrying similar weight? What are some examples of players who outperformed their college stats their first year in the NBA? Why do you think that happens? Is Plumtree's game maybe one that will translate better to the NBA?