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03-16-2012, 03:45 PM
On trade deadline day, the Toronto Raptors made two moves to bring their roster down to 13 players and neither move made a whole lot of sense from an on-the-court perspective, at least not on the surface. The following statements were released by the team.

“The Toronto Raptors announced Thursday they have traded guard Leandro Barbosa to the Indiana Pacers for a 2012 second-round draft pick and cash considerations.”

“The Toronto Raptors announced Thursday they have waived guard Anthony Carter.”

While Carter had been permitted to return home while the Raptors looked for other opportunities for him to play, Barbosa was the Raptors best performer off the bench and the subject of numerous trade rumors involving teams in need of shooting guard help.

“Leandro’s talent is obviously undeniable,” said Raptors President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo. “What he was doing for our team providing a lot of scoring punch off the bench was certainly something that was intriguing to some of the teams out there that are making a run at the playoffs or are contenders.”

Barbosa has played 100 games for Toronto, averaging 12.8 points and leading the bench in scoring 60 times, but what was most impressive about this veteran was his demeanor both on and off the court. Barbosa is a genuinely upbeat and positive person who loves to play the game.

“Leandro has unique and special ability as a basketball player, but he’s an even better person away from the game.”

Also, Barbosa gave every indication that he liked playing for the Raptors and his departure via free agency was hardly a sure-thing. So why did the Raptors send this likeable, productive veteran on an expiring contract to Indiana for a second-round pick and some cash?

“I had a lot of discussion with Leandro directly,” Colangelo said. “We talked about what would be an interesting or good situation for him. We concluded that we would do it only if it made sense for both sides and I think he did have a preference to stay.

“I’m happy for him to get the opportunity to join a playoff team as he heads into free agency.”

It’s easy to see how Barbosa helps the Pacers and he probably would like another shot at a deep playoff run, but neither of these situations does much for the Raptors, as Colangelo admits.

“I viewed this as a great opportunity for Leandro to go to a playoff team, a young upstart team that really does need some scoring punch off the bench right now. It is an Eastern Conference team and that would normally not be something that I’d like to do, take care of a team like that, but this is really a positive situation, not only for Leandro but positive for us.”

As Barbosa was only ever a positive force for the Raptors, this isn’t a case of addition by subtraction, and a late second round draft pick is not normally of much value, so the positive impact must be coming a little further down the road and Colangelo spared no effort in explaining how this trade benefited his team.



Steven Brotherston, NBA writer

Sounds like Barbosa kind of preferred to be here, or at the least accepted to come here.

As a side-thing that has to do with him being a great guy coming here, I think that it is very interesting that we have a guy from Brazil coming to the team.

03-16-2012, 03:57 PM
Not a lot of info, but certainly a lot of good content. The best things are that he probably wants to be here and that he is a quality man, both on and off the court.

I don't think we can ask for much more than that.

03-16-2012, 04:02 PM
I went looking for some other articles on Barbosa


By Stephen Brotherston (sbrotherston@hoopsworld.com)
NBA Writer
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Until two seasons ago, Leandro Barbosa was the ultimate change of pace sixth-man on a high-flying Suns team that had averaged 55 wins for six straight years.

The Brazilian Blur was a one-man fast break who showed the same speed and determination in half court situations until an unfortunate wrist injury cost him half a season and a career-worst shooting percentage during his final year with Phoenix. That same year, newly-acquired free agent Hedo Turkoglu wasn’t working out in Toronto, and the teams swapped players hoping the change of scenery would improve the fortunes of both.

Being shipped to a team that has only rarely made the playoffs and had just lost their only bona fide star player to Miami in free agency didn’t seem to bother the easy going and up-beat Barbosa. The combo guard was well received in Toronto and looked great in preseason until he fell on the same wrist he had previously injured. An assortment of braces only seemed to hurt Barbosa’s ability to shoot, and a nagging shoulder injury added to a tough season where he missed 24 games and his new team only won 22. In the process, Barbosa fell completely off the radar around the league.

Throughout it all, no one ever heard Barbosa complain, demand to be traded, or play any of the games sometimes associated with veterans traded from a winning program to a lottery team. After the end of the season, Barbosa picked up his player option to play in Toronto again this year.

“I love to play. I love the game,” said Barbosa after a recent Raptors loss. “It is an honor for me to come and bring a lot of energy and try to help the team to win some games.”
Barbosa has been saying the same things since he arrived in Toronto and his play on the court only serves to accentuate the sincerity. Playing through those wrist and shoulder problems last season, Barbosa was third in scoring on the Raptors with 13.3 points in 24.1 minutes per game. However under new Head coach Dwane Casey, a fully recovered Barbosa got off to a surprisingly slow start this season.

“He hit a slump there early and then he bounced back and played well,” said Casey. I was probably more surprised by his slump early than DeMar’s.”

It has been unusual when a healthy Barbosa doesn’t seem to play well. He consistently puts out effort on both ends of the floor and Coach Casey has a surprising level of respect for his game.

“Leandro, he works at it to get open if you watch him during the game,” said Casey. “He’s constant movement. He doesn’t get pinned in and that’s the mark of experience. A lot like Ray Allen, you can game plan for him, try to pin him in, try to top lock him but he doesn’t let it happen.”

As a career sixth-man who now comes off the bench behind the very young DeMar DeRozan on a losing team, the spotlight doesn’t often fall on the contributions Barbosa has made. Between 2005 and 2009, Barbosa averaged over 15 points per game while shooting over 47 percent from the field and 40 percent from three-point range, and since his early slump this season, he is back to his old self. For the past 10 games, Barbosa has averaged over 17 points per game while shooting 49.6 percentage from the field and 50 percent from range and has been Toronto’s most reliable scoring threat in Andrea Bargnani’s absence. His personal success comes from a relentlessly positive attitude and a desire to win no matter what the circumstances.

“When the coach puts me out there it is because he has confidence in me and crediting what I do, so I just come and bring energy and play the way I like to play,” said Barbosa. “I don’t care if we are losing or not, I am playing to win. If we don’t win, I am going to play harder so we can win the next game.”

Not just a productive sixth-man with a good attitude, the Raptors view Barbosa as a role model for the 22-year-old DeRozan to emulate on the floor. A point Coach Casey has made on numerous occasions this season.

“Leandro got his groove back and that’s where DeMar needs to get to,” said Casey. “Where teams game plan for him, put a man and a half on him, (the goal) is to still work to get his position and get open like Leandro. He has to make more of a muscle to get open. Leandro, they do him the same way but he works until he gets open. That’s where DeMar has to get to and he will.”

The quiet 29-year-old Barbosa is easy to overlook as part of the future on a rebuilding Raptors team that has made Bargnani and DeRozan the faces of the franchise, but every team needs productive veterans surrounding their star talent, rebuilding or otherwise.
“Leandro came in and gave us a spark,” said Casey after the win in Phoenix. “He did a great job. That’s his niche. He is going to have a long career in the NBA doing that.”

The Raptors hope that long NBA career continues in Toronto, and they will look to lock him in long-term. His style of play carries with it a broad appeal in a league where speedy guard play has become the staple of successful teams, and the Raptors don’t want to let him slip away as a free agent.

“We would definitely like to have Leandro remain a Raptor and we will look to re-sign him, but the timing of a deal could be next summer,” Raptors President and General Manger Bryan Colangelo told HOOPSWORLD recently.

What happens with Barbosa in Toronto is yet to be determined, but this low maintenance, productive veteran has made a significant contribution wherever he has played. Coaches and general managers know that Barbosa, despite his unheralded status, will continue to be the guy who is always playing to win, no matter what the situation is, and on a more successful team, he wouldn’t be unheralded.

Infinite MAN_force
03-16-2012, 04:02 PM
“There is going to be some talk that this was about perhaps taking a piece away from the team – that’s not the case. This was really about creating that flexibility and also developing some of (our) other players, but at the end of the day, we are taking some talent away and we will have to see which players step up and how that affects the draft status.”

So he's openly admitting this is a move intended to help them tank? I don't know if I've ever heard an executive admit that openly.

03-16-2012, 04:08 PM
This was an interesting quote:

09:19 AM ET: Arturo Barbosa tells HoopsHype his brother Leandro is happy about the trade to Indiana, but also very emotional about it

Read more: http://hoopshype.com/twitter/hoopshype.html#ixzz1pJQIwAvz

03-16-2012, 04:53 PM
Need to give him an extra loud welcome when he checks into the game for the first time on Saturday or Tuesday.

If you all remember how he played in Phoenix, he was nearly unstoppable coming off the bench. Thats on a good team. So hopefully that translates well to us.

03-16-2012, 05:12 PM
This was an interesting quote:

He liked Toronto so I can understand that. I'll agree with graphic-er.

He needs a loud welcome when he checks in for the first time. So, let's do it, guys :D

03-16-2012, 05:29 PM
I have a feeling he will become a fan favorite in no time here...

03-16-2012, 06:02 PM
Need to give him an extra loud welcome when he checks into the game for the first time on Saturday or Tuesday.
Area 55 is already working on some chant ideas for him.....

I liked one of

"Ba-ba-ba-barbosa" to the tune of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann"

03-16-2012, 06:08 PM
This was an interesting quote:

I've heard Barbosa was surprised at how great Toronto is and liked the idea of playing in the most diverse city in the world. I'd guess he's excited to play with us from a basketball standpoint, but probably not so much when it comes to the change of city.

03-16-2012, 06:24 PM
I also think he's just a loyal guy and was openly emotional about leaving a team after playing for them for a few years.

Everything I've read about him makes him sound like a total class act and a hard worker. If anyone here hasn't read :07 Seconds of Less, you should. Not only is it a great book, but it also gives a few great stories and perspectives of Barbosa. It's a yearly read for me.

03-16-2012, 11:48 PM
I look at this as yet another minor talent bump. We are headed in the right direction picking up David West, George Hill and Barbosa.

03-17-2012, 10:38 AM
Need to give him an extra loud welcome when he checks into the game for the first time on Saturday or Tuesday.

If you all remember how he played in Phoenix, he was nearly unstoppable coming off the bench. Thats on a good team. So hopefully that translates well to us.

You know what, I think there is a good chance it does.

In Toronto, he was having some injury issues and he wasn't getting very good minutes. If we give him the role of a Jason Terry on our team, and try to give him 26-30 minutes off the bench while George Hill moves to the starting one, who's to say that he won't be a load on opposing team's benches? He was a very good scorer years ago, and now he is older and more experienced with the same quickness.. He is also in the first good position to win in years.

Now that is unlikely I would say, but I would say that there's a 30-40% chance that he is a real staple in our team.