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03-12-2012, 06:07 AM
We are 23 - 16
By Thursday we know whether Orlando remains Orlando or if Dwight is playing for the Nets or the Lakers.
we have played 39 out of our 66 games, and even if we go 13-14 over the last 27 we will end up with 36-30
36 - 30 is better then what MOST of you predicted, or right near.
Chances are we will however go 18 - 9 and that would make us a 41 win team. 41 - 25 a 0.621 team, or in a "normal" season a 51 win team.

Think a second here.....

51 wins

We have not had a winning season in 5 years,our best being what? 38 wins ?
Last year we had 37 wins.

Read that again please, 37 wins! aka 0.451

We made quite a turnaround. But OH NO it is not enough!
You all predict a 35 to 38 game winning season, before the start, we are well on schedule to beat that by a mile and all you can do is MOAN.


Let's trade; Hibbert Granger, Collisson, and the entire bench!!
Why on earth West get's a Mulligan here I will never know, for the moaning you all did when JO was here, you'd think you'd all be running West out of town on a rail covered in feathers.
The man simply plays no defense, not even help.

Yes I would like a point guard that POINTS but alas, the last one we had dished 10 dimes out in 20 minutes in Utah the other night.

"This just in; "Hibbert in annual funk, not worth the money we likely may going to pay him!"
"Granger should be blamed for world femine"
"Hibbert is responsible for rising prices in tall-man shops"!

So we had a rough stretch, geee, like that never happened or never happens to other teams.

We are what we are, not a perfect team.

Now normally I would go on my diatribe about getting rid of Tyler (yes please) and Bird (pretty please) but since one aint going the other likely wont either because it would mean admitting you made a mistake, which is not going to happen.

I can live with this team, I can live with the zebras calling Roy for a foul that they don't call Dwight for.
I can live with the lack of respect this year from the zebras, we will get more of that next year.
I can live with "only" getting to the 2nd round of the playoffs, been a long time since we last were there.
I can live with the hope we will improve more next year (though i seriously doubt it)
I can live with this team, I like most players on it, and it is easy to root for.

I get sad reading all your (mostly) not so well thought over shouting.
I get sad thinking players read that stuff and I start being ashamed of what is posted.

Cheer up, we have a list of games to watch yet, and before you know it you will all be talking again about how we are going to win it all this year.

We won't? Then why expect to beat the Bulls or the Heat? because either one of those is likely to meet up with OKC to battle it out and I don't see OKC beating either of them.


03-12-2012, 06:28 AM
its a good thing that our fans are not content with our mediocre play. yes its nice to finally have a winning record and yes its nice that we actually beat the teams we are supposed to beat (for the most part). but do we really wanna be the atlanta hawks? good season records but does nothing when it comes playoff time? obviously thats still to be seen but if we play like we are now when it comes playoff time we will be one and done... but despite all the negativity i think the playoff atmosphere is where were really gonna thrive as a team and win some games. if we play hard the whole game we should have no problem stickin with anybody in the league, im not saying we should win but we definately should be competitive to anyone we match up with.