View Full Version : Area 55 Chant Suggestions 3/6/12 IND vs ATL - The Return of Lady Zaza Edition!

03-05-2012, 11:18 PM
Okay, so things aren't exactly going the blue and gold's way against those vile horned Bulls of Chicago tonight, but there is no time to waste as the Al Horford-less Atlanta Hawks make their second trip to Bankers Life Fieldhouse tomorrow night, and with that brings the return of "Lady Zaza" Pachulia and "Jerry-atic" Stackhouse.

So once again, Area 55 is looking for suggestions for chants towards Josh (Coach-Killer) Smith, Joe Johnson, "Crazy" Ivan Johnson (and if you look into his history, he is pretty much Artest-level crazy), and "hometown hero" Jeff Teague ;) (As an BD grad, I put the emphasis on the quotes, and partially because they always put our radio staff on a media row that ran above a sewage line at the Pike High School gym when our schools met :laugh:), but as always, the box is wide open, although I think nothing is going to top Lady Zaza for Pachulia. :D

Let's go bird hunting! (And I don't mean Larry!)
If you've been following this all season long, you know the drill, but for those who don't, post your PG-rated suggestions here or on Twitter at put them here or send them over to @pacers_chants, @thesandman21, or @letstalkpacers on Twitter.