View Full Version : A suggestion on how to use Lance the rest of the season

02-24-2012, 08:19 AM
This may become moot if we acquire a really good guard before the deadline.

If not, I suggest we start trying to use Lance as an instant surge of offense for three or four minutes in each half. (Maybe just the first half to start out.) Kind of Vinnie Johnson microwave type thing.

Here's the deal: When playoff time comes, we will be facing smothering defenses and will have stretches where we can't get anything going. It's those times when you need an instant offense creator, someone who can create space, penetrate, create their own shot, or make the defense break down to get others open.

Lance is the only one on our team who can do that.

As other threads have noted, Lance has done decently well during his develop minutes this year. He has played solid defense, worked well within the team concept, been a cheeleader, had some nice moments (and also several turnovers), and generally warmed up to what NBA game time is like.

However, he hasn't been given the reigns much during this time. Rightly so, as he isn't ready to do that for long stretches. (That's why AJ may be getting the nod over him.) But he may be ready to do it in short stretches.

The nice thing is, if he's hot, you go with the hot hand. If not, you pull him rather quickly. Not much damage done. However, he knows this going in. That gives him the confidence to attempt to take over and make things happen, and it prevents him from getting too down in the dumps if that particular game he doesn't have it going.

Come playoff time, if he develops well in this role, he could become a handy little weapon to bring off the bench now and then to break down defenses.

02-24-2012, 09:49 AM
Ya, I think we just put him out there, camping at corner waiting for shot, which is not his strength.

One should runs some plays around him. See what happens.
He has some ability that the others in the team donīt have.

02-24-2012, 11:51 AM
I still say that Lancelot has the best court vision and passing ability on the team. If he continues to improve (which he probably will), and develops his skills usably, he can play well off the dribble, and facilitate for others. Defenders will not really expect Lancelot to come onto the court and create for himself. If he can execute, then he's successful. If he chokes under pressure, move onto the next player on rotation. With Hill back, we DO have some depth at the guard/wing positions. Give him the time he deserves, and I'm sure he'll do well. Regardless, he's turning into a good defender off the bench, which can be crucial during any game, not to mention in the playoffs.

I just want every one of our players, especially the lesser-proven ones, to step up and show their worth and value by performing well. If Lou and Graph grew into their roles, they could seriously help support the PF/C rotation. If everyone plays to their expectations, we'll be set for the Playoffs, no matter who we encounter, or pick up before the deadline.

02-24-2012, 02:46 PM
Nice post, I agree