View Full Version : A question for Jay

11-11-2004, 04:37 PM
Every player gets paid, whether the coach chooses to play them or not.

Kenny Anderson and Scot Pollard got paid for all of their DNP-CDs last season.

Rick didn't suspend him. He, as the coach, has the perrrogative for who plays and who sits out. He chose, for at least two games, to bench a guy that wasn't buying into the team's game plan.

This isn't about the money with Ron - Ron would play for free. To get his attention, you have to take away what he does care about, minutes and touches.

If you take his money away, the union and his agent can get involved, that's more trouble than its worth.

I'm certainly open to hearing other thoughts on this. Hey, Jay's_Dad@Section204 was a coach for most of his teaching career, so even though I'm an advocate of "coaches' rights", I'll certainly stick up for Rick's right to bench anybody at any time.