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11-09-2004, 12:14 AM
Couldn't resist. I live in Oakland and was watching the end of the Warriors/Mavericks OT game. Adonal Foyle fouled at and Dale came in. Looked like the same old Dale. Kept some loose balls alive, hit the boards, bricked an open jumper, and changed some shots. Even the Warriors announcers said they felt comfortable with Dale in the middle. I couldn't help but think, what's a guy like DD doing on Golden State? He should be on a contender like us!

11-09-2004, 12:47 AM
With Cro's solid numbers, maybe we could convince Mully to swap Cro for Dale!

Shoot, I'd even throw in Pollard and take back Cliffy. :devil:

Will Galen
11-09-2004, 07:53 AM
With Cro's solid numbers, maybe we could convince Mully to swap Cro for Dale!

Shoot, I'd even throw in Pollard and take back Cliffy. :devil:

I'm glad you're not GM!

11-09-2004, 12:42 PM
For us or for them?

Even before Foster comes back, I'd do Cro/Pollard for Dale/Cliffy in a heartbeat. Talent-wise, it's a wash at worst. When you include the salary cap implications, it gets really nice.

Slick Pinkham
11-09-2004, 03:38 PM
The Warriors are intending to deal Dale and Clifford Robinson for a star player. The lure: two expiring contracts giving 15 million in cap relief.

Oakland article linked through real gm:

Deadline deal in Warriors' future?

By Dave Del Grande

HEY, WARRIORS FANS. Looking for a rooting interest in a season rapidly slipping away from your local heroes?

I've got five teams worthy of your attention. One of them could provide the key to a brighter future for Chris Mullin and th

The biggest myth currently circulating around the Warriors -- yes, even bigger than talk of making the playoffs this season -- is the popular belief Mullin lost all hope of ever acquiring a superstar talent when he gave Jason Richardson and Troy Murphy monster contract extensions last week.

True, it'll keep the Warriors out of the big-time free-agent market next summer (and for years to come). But if Mullin works it hard enough, he could deliver a star player well before that.

I'm talking Feb.24 -- the NBA trade deadline.

You see, the $128 million investment in Richardson and Murphy put the Warriors on a completely different financial path.

Clifford Robinson's $5.3million contract and Dale Davis' $10.1million deal expire at season's end. That $15.4million coming off the books was the reason the Warriors were going to able to get far enough under the cap to pursue a star free agent next summer.


That's no longer the case. Now, if the Warriors let Robinson and Davis walk, they won't be able to replace them with anybody. They'll lose two assets and get nothing in return.

Such is the state of being over the cap.

But that doesn't mean the disappearing dollars aren't still an asset. Any number of teams would kill to create $15.4 million in cap space next summer.

Mullin's goal in the next 31/2 months now becomes to find the one most desperate to acquire expiring contracts and extract a player with whom the Warriors can move forward.

How much is this kind of cap space worth? Well, the Hawks were willing to give up Rasheed Wallace last summer for cap space and draft picks.

Get the picture?

OK, so who are this year's Hawks and Wallace? Today, that remains unclear.

But by February, you can count on several teams throwing in the towel on the season. It's the one also willing to throw away its star attraction in a start-over mode that Mullin must pursue.

I see five potential trade partners:

New Jersey. The Nets are going nowhere, and they already recognize it. Expect Jason Kidd trade talk to heat up. Acquiring Robinson, Davis and two first-round picks would put the Nets more than $20 million under the cap for next season and allow them to reload immediately.

New Orleans. Moving to the West exposes the Hornets as a less-than-stellar outfit. Dealing disgruntled Baron Davis and the $69 million remaining on his contract would give New Orleans a chance to start in a new direction.

Toronto. It's no secret Vince Carter wants out, but it's hard to imagine a decent Raptors club falling so far out of sight in the East that it would cash him in. That doesn't stop you from rooting for it, though.

Boston. Like Toronto, the Celtics would have to really fall upon hard times to deal Paul Pierce. But as opposed to Carter, the Boston star has relatives who played at Fremont High of Oakland and might actually want to play in Oakland, so he's not likely to stall any deal.

Milwaukee. The Bucks could find themselves in a serious recruiting mode if this season goes south. They'd like to retain free-agent standout Michael Redd next season, and maybe creating more than $20 million in cap space with which to pursue an attractive supporting cast would help entice him to re-up with the club. That would require allowing the Warriors to take Keith Van Horn off their hands.

Now, Warriors fans. Doesn't the future look a bit brighter?


Scanning the NBA landscape:

- The Suns have decided to cut their ties with Dan Fegan, the agent who got Richardson and Murphy their extensions. Phoenix paid Howard Eisley $10.5 million to buy out the remaining two seasons (originally worth $14.5 million) of a huge contract Fegan got him four years ago.

- Everyone knows Shaquille O'Neal is the heaviest player in the NBA at 325 pounds. But guess who's No.2? Believe it or not, it's Yao Ming at 310.

- You might be wondering why O'Neal is wearing No.32 this season. He chose not to ask for No.33 out of respect for Alonzo Mourning, the former Heat star who figures someday to get his jersey retired.

- Clippers 18-year-old rookie Shaun Livingston, on the biggest difference between his prep days and the NBA: "In high school, I only lived five minutes from the gym."

Will Galen
11-09-2004, 05:03 PM
Pierce or Redd I would trade for, the other's I would pass on.

11-09-2004, 06:20 PM
Man, I'd pay money out of my own pocket if we could trade Cro and Pollard for Dale and Cliffy. Especially if we could re-sign both on the cheap for a couple more years.

But, PT's right, Mullin's going to get MUCH better offers, since their both expiring.
Asked afterward if O'Neal's absence contributed to Charlotte's win, Knight bristled.

"What about Primoz? They didn't have Shaq, but we didn't have Primoz," he said.