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12-19-2011, 11:42 AM
I remembered that Marquis Daniels got injured late last season but I had no idea he was temporarily paralyzed and had to have spinal cord surgery.

The fact that he's back playing with the Celtics and playing well (11 points in 27 minutes during the Celtics first preseason game) is a modern medicine miracle.

Marquis Daniels return a blessed event

With the NBA season starting one week from today, veteran players are scrambling to get on the same page in training camp while rookies are cramming to learn new systems.

And then there is Marquis Daniels, who has an added appreciation for every second on the court.

After suffering a bruised spinal cord last season in a collision with the Orlando Magic’s Gilbert Arenas, there was a moment when the 30-year-old didn’t think he’d ever play again. There was a moment when he wasn’t sure if he would walk.

So after signing a one-year deal to return to the Celtics [team stats] this season, it should come as no surprise that Daniels said the injury has made him more appreciative of basketball — and life.

“Oh definitely, definitely. I wake up every morning and just give thanks because I could be not walking right now, not being able to move and talk and everything,” Daniels said. “I’m just blessed right now and taking advantage of everything.”

The Feb. 6 collision at the Garden was undoubtedly frightening. Daniels lay motionless on the floor for several minutes before being taken away on a stretcher. The condition caused him to lose sensation in his outer extremities, with surgery required to correct the issue.

Daniels was unable to resume playing basketball until August. The extra time off brought about by the NBA lockout actually benefited Daniels as he cleared the mental hurdles that followed his physical recovery.

“It was a blessing in disguise for me with the lockout,” Daniels said. “It gave me extra time to heal up more. You know, just prepare myself and get ready because I still had doubts in my mind if I was going to be able to come back and play.

“Once I got my first bump, my first hit, I felt better.”

An eight-year veteran, Daniels admits that it would have been hard to walk away from the game. If his career had ended, Daniels said coaching was a possibility. For now, his goal is simple: Remain on the court. He first signed with the Celtics in 2009, but only played in 51 games after having surgery to repair a ligament in his left thumb.

“My main goal is to stay healthy, man,” Daniels said. “That’s all I want to do. I want a good year where I can just stay healthy. I think the rest will take care of itself.”

The 6-foot-6 swingman brings versatility to a team that needs it. With Jeff Green lost for the season to heart surgery, Daniels will undoubtedly see time at small forward to back up captain Paul Pierce. Then there’s shooting guard, where currently the only player in reserve behind Ray Allen is second-year man Avery Bradley. Daniels also played some point guard last season, and the team only has Kenyon Dooling to back up Rajon Rondo.

Wherever coach Doc Rivers needs him, Daniels will be there. After all, he’s just happy to be out there.

“It’s good to be back,” Daniels said. “Back with guys I played with. I know the system, and it’s comfortable to be here. It’s just good to be here.”

Taken from an article about Jeff Green's heart condition:

Swingman Marquis Daniels has dealt with a serious health issue. Daniels yesterday made his first game appearance since a frightening collision with Orlando’s Gilbert Arenas Feb. 6 that caused temporary paralysis. It was initially thought that Daniels’s career could be over, but he had spinal cord surgery in March.

“We’re a family-oriented team, and it’s a tough time for him, but he’s family and there are going to be some guys to try to keep his spirits up,’’ Daniels said of Green. “I really don’t want to speak too much on [his condition], but it’s trying times.’’

The topic was a sensitive one for Daniels, who had 11 points in 27 minutes yesterday. “I’m not going to talk about nobody not playing again,’’ he said. “Jeff’s a great competitor; he’ll be back.’’

12-19-2011, 11:47 AM
If you never saw the collision that caused the injury, here it is. It was such a strange injury. It didn't seem that big of an impact but it caused a lot of damage.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/fLPTJJV3QYg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>