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12-16-2011, 01:01 AM
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Danny Granger's Basketball Never Stops

08 December 2011


Danny Granger has spent the past six seasons in Indiana after being drafted by the Pacers in 2005, but his basketball roots go back much further than that. Born in Louisiana, Granger's earliest memories involving a basketball date all the way back to when he was a toddler. “I was two years old,” Granger fondly shares. “There’s a picture of me learning to walk while holding a basketball.”

One must first walk before running, but it wasn't long before Granger was racing around the backyard, basketball in hand, playing on the court built for him by his father. From the carefree days of his youth, through today, Granger says basketball has always been there for him, serving as a release.

“Regardless of the situations that arise, basketball will always be there,” the All-Star said." It has taken up about 90 percent of my life to this point. It’s a special thing. A machine that keeps on going.”

A “machine” that requires a hoop, lots of heart and some kicks. With the hoop in his backyard and his heart devoted to the game, it didn’t take long for Granger to also develop a passion for shoes. Today, he boasts an impressive collection of Nikes.

Ask the shoe fiend about his favorite shoe and he will respond “Air Max 95” without hesitation. In addition to shoes, when Granger isn’t on the court playing or getting a workout in, he can often be found on the couch, playing video games. Basketball video games, of course.

“I play NBA2K12,” Granger revealed, when asked of how he spent the extra long offseason this summer. “I also love to watch college basketball. I went to the University of New Mexico, Go Lobos!”

In addition to keeping himself busy through those passions, he also does his part to pass the game forward. With an AAU team named “The Danny Granger Hurricanes”,

Granger wasn’t joking about basketball being 90 percent of his life. That’s the way he likes it, though.

Crediting the game for teaching him dedication, commitment, perseverance and resilience, Granger is thrilled he is able to give back to his AAU team. He is also grateful for all the game has given him and he knows regardless of how long he goes between regular season games, in his life, Basketball Never Stops.