View Full Version : 2011-12 season discussion, expectations, and predictions for Pacers and the rest of the NBA

12-15-2011, 10:02 PM
Now that we mostly no how teams are going to look (I'm sorry I can't wait, I'm SUPER excited about this season!!) what do you think about this upcoming season?

This is for fun, so don't ruin this with your negativity! (read: reality)

Things that get me excited:

The potential for a renewed rivalry between the Pacers and the Knicks. As both teams are on the up and up, both seem to have very similarities to their former great teams. Pacers are going to be all about a deep well rounded team, where as the Knicks seem to be all hype and talk. I'm not afraid of 'Melo and Amare and I cannot wait for our matchups against them this season. I think we'll beat them. Not too underestimate them, but I just feel the non defense playing of everyone except Tyson on that team is not a recipe for a big time winning team.

The potential rivalry between the Bulls and Pacers over the next decade. While just in the beginning stages, our little playoff battle wasn't exactly the most friendly matchup. Rose looks to keep the Bulls a powerhouse for the next 10 years probably as he is only 23. The only question is if Paul George at 21 will stepup to be a potential rival. Even if I'm getting a bit a head of myself, if it does turn into that, I think all of us years down the road will point at the PG defending Rose in last years playoffs as the beginning of the rivalry.

PG and Lance have both got me excited. Everyone is talking about how good PG looks in camp, and the same for Lance. Both look to be big time contributors in some way. Can't wait!

Big Roy. This is the year Roy needs to play solid every night. No more growing. I mean, it's about time he shows up and produces every night. Am I right?? What are your expectations for Roy?

I expect:
*at least 30 minutes, with Roy staying out of foul trouble
*14/15 ppg, specifically at an efficient level
*produce the same 10 rebounds per 36 that he did last year
*the eye test- a solid post option every night and solid defense, no getting pushed around

I don't expect him to win every battle against guys like Noah, but I expect it to be a battle with him competing against them every night.

What else, what kind of expectations for the Pacers?

Also, any predictions for the Pacers final playoff spot and the rest of the NBA?

I predict the Pacers win 40 games: 40-26. :)

12-15-2011, 10:06 PM
im really really excited about our future superstar......Paul George! :dance::carrot::pineapple:mango::cucumber::apple:

12-15-2011, 10:07 PM
I am excited about the season too. It should be a fun team to watch and easy to root for because of all of our young guys getting better, our atheticism and watching our new guy DW. I can't wait. I see us having a good year and competing every game. I think a 5th or 6th seed is easily possible for us.

12-15-2011, 10:15 PM
Yep, it's going to be great. We have this to be excited about:

First, teams aren't as overly stacked as has been said. Wade and LBJ for sure, but Chicago has ONE star. Thats it. The Knickerbockers have two stars who hate defense. The Celts continue to decline.

The Lakers continue to decline. OKC, the small market is probably the most stacked team in the league. So now and into the future, I think the Pacers have a legit chance to build a true contender. If the Bulls can win the east with only Rose, than the Pacers definitely can build a winner as well.

Secondly as the Pacers are already a strong young team, we still aren't maxed out and have the flexibility to make trades and sign FA in the upcoming few years... we aren't done adding talent!