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09-09-2011, 01:20 AM
Anyone ever had any experience selling a DVD or a blu-ray disc on eBay?

I never have, but I'd like to sell a few to get them off my hands and hopefully make a small amount of money.

However, I have no clue when it comes to shipping. I don't know what to buy to ship them in (small box? bubble wrap envelope?), how much it costs to ship them (I'm assuming through USPS first class? How much should that be?), and once I do know that, I just add that as the shipping cost of the item to pass that expense onto the buyer, right?

Also, do you set an opening bid price? I'm assuming so, but then what should the price start as? If I had to guess, the two I'm looking to sell will probably go for around 7-10 or so bucks each (not counting shipping), so where should I start?

Any advice? Thanks

09-09-2011, 01:56 AM
Shipping standard size DVDís or Blue Rayís can be done by using standard first class parcel post (note not the same thing as first class mail). The key is that it has to be no more than 13 ounces, which has to include the weight of the packaging material that you use. That is why I would not recommend using a box as this will more than likely put you over the weight that can be used for first class.

First class is the cheapest and more importantly the fastest way to get it to your customer. Now donít panic if you go above 13 ounces there are a couple of other options. 1. You can give your customers the choice of media mail (cheapest form of mailing a product but sometimes painfully slow & your customers may not like the time to delivery). 2. Priority mail. (again fast & very dependable but more expensive).

You can put both choices in the listing and let your customer choose which they prefer (again this is if you go over the 13 ounce weight).

As to charging your customers for shipping? Yes, absolutely. If you do not do this not only will you not make any money you more than likely will end up either just breaking even or more than likely losing money.

Also as a rule ebay at this point does not prohibit handling fees (Iím sure itís coming in the future) but you canít bilk this either. A pretty standard handling fee is up to $2.00

That sounds high but if you have to purchase shipping materials youíll find out how fast that adds up.

Also as to how to ship, obviously bubble mailers are the best. You can go to staples or any other large office chain stores and get them at decent prices. I got lucky about 2 years ago and found staples was selling pack of 100 for .99 cents so I stocked up back then. If your just going to sell a few then another cheap easy way to do it (more of a pain in the butt but also more cost efficient) is to purchase some plain brown manila envelopes and some small bubble wrap. If you really want to be cheap you can wrap them up tight in newspaper & plastic wrap then in an envelope, but make sure that they are secure.

Also on a last note I donít want to discourage you but I want to make certain you are realistic here (sounds like you are but Iím throwing this out there anyway). Unless you have a novelty dvd or blue ray you may not make back what you think you are going to get. People who buy used DVDís off of ebay do so with the intention of buying it for very cheap. The can go to any wal mart and get most of the movies brand new for not much more than they will end up paying online and even if there isnít a wal mart there amazon & other sights can get them brand new movies very cheaply. Youíll be fine but just make sure you understand that you are not going to be getting $15.00 or so because by the time they pay shipping itís going to be around $20.00

Iíd start by asking for .99 cents and see where it goes (for Godís sake donít put a reserve on the listing because ebay charges a huge fee for that).

If you have any questions or need any help just let me know.

P.S. I still have some microwaves for you.;)

09-09-2011, 10:55 AM
Any idea on the typical weight of a DVD or BD combined with a bubble mailer's weight? Is it usually 13 oz or less?

I think I'll use the bubble mailer either way, so it's really just a matter of what shipping. I don't use the USPS often, but I believe I just walk up and ask for the right shipping sticker to buy and slap on the bubble mailer, right?

Actually, I do have several DVDs that I might try to sell if this works out. Some of them are TV sets, and obviously that will have to be a different shipping situation. Like I have TNG seasons 1, 2, and 3. I'm assuming I'd just get a mailing box of some kind for them?

I'm sure I'm only going to get a very very small amount of money per DVD with the old movies and stuff I have, but if I'm never going to watch them again, I do have several I could see selling, so maybe it'd be worth it.

You mentioned handling fees. You're saying eBay allows you to charge the customer a handling fee on top of a shipping fee? That sounds counter-productive since I'm trying to sell such relatively cheap items.

What's a 'reserve on a listing'?

09-09-2011, 12:23 PM
i'd ship it as media mail through the USPS. Super cheap, most ebay buyers dont' care about getting their movie super fast with any kind of expedited shipping. Get a bubble envelop. Open a pay pal account so you can accept easy payments for ebay items. Its free, but they charge a small percentage fee of whatever money transfer you get.

A reserve is like saying you won't see the Blu Ray disc for anything less than $12.00 or whatever, so when people bid, it will say current bid is $xx.xx (reserve not met).
The reserve price is usually kept private so the bidders don't know what it is. But its basically a way to keep you from giving it away for pennies on the dollar.

Just set your starting bid at whatever you feel the lowest price you would accept. Or just place a buy it now option for whatever you want.

Honestly for something like DVD and BluRay's the selling fees and the paypal credit card transfer fees will probably take a huge chunk out of your profit. So you need to figure all that stuff up and price it accordingly. I haven't sold stuff on ebay for awhile now though.

09-09-2011, 12:53 PM
Is the fee or are the fees that eBay takes a % or a set rate that depends on the item? How much is it, or what is the % probably going to be?

09-09-2011, 04:12 PM
If you're selling DVDs you know will sell, go ahead and just start the listing low. As long as you title everything appropriately, you should reach a realistic desired price.

The last time I sold a DVD on Ebay they would not let me put more than $4.00 for shipping, but it shouldn't cost you that much to ship it anyway. I would look at other listings and see what the standard is (sometimes you can make a buck or so on shipping and if you get your envelopes cheap enough). I work at a major office supply chain and they sell boxes of bubble mailers (generally $13 for 25 which is way too much). When I sold a lot a year or two ago I would buy a box of 25 mailers at Sam's Club for about $5-6.

Ultimately, if you can make about as much selling on Amazon, I would suggest going there. Ebay gets on my nerves because they hit you with a Paypal fee and then an ebay fee later in the month. Amazon will tell you how much you will make before you officially list the product (the very last step). The only time Amazon has ever taken a huge cut was when I sold a more expensive item (just sold my 2008 Star Wars trilogy for $104 and ended up making about $89). However, its a price I'm willing to pay for my products to be on such a big marketplace (usually smaller items will only cost a couple of bucks to sell).

Let me know if you have any other questions - I deal more with Amazon now than anything but I have a pretty good history with ebay as well.

09-09-2011, 04:31 PM
I'm a frequent Amazon shopper (have for many years), but I've never sold with them. If I put an item up for sale, and someone bites, do I then just do the same thing I would on eBay? Meaning I get a bubble mailer, put the disc/case in, go to the USPS, buy the shipping label, and send it out?

09-09-2011, 04:59 PM
Yeah you have a Seller Central that allows you to view unshipped orders and even print an address to ship to. Pretty easy, and instead of the money going to your Paypal account, it can go straight to a bank account you link up with it (they will do automatic deposits like twice a month I think, so its not instant).

Another alternative (and I usually do this with items that are costly to ship like harddrives, or in your case, multiple season sets) would be to list the items on Craigslist. By doing so, you avoid any listing or shipping fees. I generally have the person meet me at a neutral location (public location) near my house. Just throwing another option out there.