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10-19-2004, 11:39 PM
Just got back from the game. Let me first say there is a reason theycall these games preseason games. Unless you are a die-hard I can't imagine anyone else enjoying preseason action.

I have to make this very quick.

Most will talk about Jackson first, but I have to start with Scot Pollard.

He looked like the Scot Pollard I remembered from the Sacramento Kings. He was active, aggressive, and much more mobile than last season. He lookd thinner. He was much better than he was last season. His "quickness" has returned. Pollard impressed me more than anyone tonight.

Jackson can flat out score. He just puts points on the board. I hesitate to say this, but please I mean this in the best way possible, Pacers have not had a guy like Jackson since Jalen Rose. When Jackson he is open he shoots and he can score in a variety of different ways.

I was interested to see if Mike brown acted differently on the bench this season because of Kevin O'Neill. Well he was as active as ever, all over the place coaching the defense, up talking to players as much as last season. O'Neill sat on the bench the whole time and looked clearly like an assistant coach while Brown is the associate coach

I love Artest, I know he missed a ton of shots, but I love watching him play.

Tinsley does look quicker, still can't shoot, but otherwise he looked good.

Not much else to say about anyone else.

Pollard was very impressive people

Lord Helmet
10-19-2004, 11:45 PM
Good I hope Pollard can return to his old Kings form.Is J.O. ok?On the ESPN bottomline it said he left the game because of a sore back.

10-19-2004, 11:49 PM
J.O looked awful tonight, he had no lift and could not hold his position. I guess his back stiffened up

Lord Helmet
10-19-2004, 11:55 PM
Hopefully he will be o.k.

10-20-2004, 03:32 AM
I'll just go ahead & add my report from the game here.

The good.

Like U.B. stated Scot Pollard was phenomanal.:o I know, I know it's hard to beleive, but it's true.

He was active on the boards & the part I loved the most was he was physical under the glass on both the offensive & defensive ends. He had some foul trouble but I loved the aggresiveness he displayed.

If he can translate that into the regular season we may just see a player be (pardon the use of evangelical rhetoric here) born again.

Of course it was just a pre-season game, but I'm telling you this was a differant Pollard than last season.

I attest that a lot of it has to do with the Samson affect. No hair & he was weak. Now he has hair & he seemed mighty last night.

Moving on.

Jackson. I almost :lolchair: when I read U.B.'s description because my son & myself both said the exact same thing at the game. We compared him to the good side of Jalen Rose. However, unlike Jalen, Jackson seems to actually try on defense.

After three min. of him being in the game I liked what I saw. After 5 min. of him being in the game I was going "Al who":eyebrow: After 10 min. of him being in the game I was going there is no way that for an entire season that Ron Artest & Stephen Jackson will be able to co-exist on the same team. There are NOT enough balls to go around.

Look at the shots all you want, & trust me they were as good as the box score reads, but the most impressive thing to me was that he is a ball hawk on defense. He is very active & has quick feet.

I'll be honest with you, I'd never really paid any attention to Jackson before. But if this what he brings to the team than all I can say is "good trade".

That is nice to be able to say after haveing to continually :banghead: from having to complain about the worst trade in Pacers history.

I was kidding about the "Al who" thing. I still like baby Al & I probably always will. But I actually think this trade will work.

A. Johnson was solid. He forced a few to many shots but overall did a solid job of running the offense & as always was solid on defense.

James Jones. This kid needs to get some playing time somewhere. I don't think it will ever be here (there are just to many guys ahead of him) but this guy is a dead eye shooter & he is an active rebounder & defender. This tells you how deep last years draft was. He was a second round pick & my bet is that if he was picked this season he would have been a mid to high first round pick. He looked really good.

Team perimeter defense. Outstanding. Once again it looks like we will have one of the most physical away from the basket defenses in the entire N.B.A. We slap at the ball all of the time & we bump people coming from side to side. It really was a joy to watch.

The bad.

Yes my friends good old U.B. & myself will begin early this year.:swordfight:

Ron Artest gets into the bad catagory. 5-17 from the field. One of those 5 he hit was a direct benefit from staying behind with the officials to argue the lack of a call.

It's not the fact that he was 5-17 it was the type of shots he was taking for the most part that bothered me. The more the game went on the more Ron pulled up for the quick shot.

His defense was again great, but he can really be disruptive on offense.

I'll go ahead & say it now, I just don't think there will be enough balls to go around with J.O., Jax & Ron.

I hope I'm wrong there but I just have my doubts.

Austin Croshere. I debated even metioning him because Austin did really battle toe to toe with Garnett & Olawakandi all night long on defense. But all of his shots coming from the three point line???? Come on Austin, you have to do better than that. I knew we were in deep crap the min. he came into the game & immediately faded back to the three point line.

Once again, he did all of the small things well & his stats don't truely show his value on the defensive end but if he is going to be one of our first big men off of the bench he has got to do better than this.

Fred Jones. Talk about 20 min. of uninspired basketball. I really thought we should run down & take his pulse just to make sure he was alive for most of the game. At the end he came a little more alive, but still. If you want min. on the floor you have to produce & last night he did not.

John Edwards. Forget the fact that I just can't seem to root for anybody of that name:smartass: I was scared when he came in. He was tall, gawky, useless as a defender & non existant as a rebounder so therefore I am convinced he will make the team.:hmm: NBDL fodder at best.

The ugly.

Kevin Garnett. M.V.P. or not what a punk b#tch. during every whistle stop whenever a Pacer would throw up a garbage shot he would jump up & swat it like a vollyball. At first I didn't think anything about it, but when he did it three times in a row to Reggie I thought that was a little petty. I was hoping beyond hopes that dunk it in his mug but alas that didn't happen.

Jon Benders cloths. Jamison Brewer he is not.:pimp:
Seeing Jon in street cloths brings back memory's doesn't it?

Overall a good game & if only Shaq could blow out a knee I would feel much much better about this season.

10-20-2004, 05:33 AM
Glad to Hear the News about Pollard , I always Liked him on the Kings , was kinda sad about last year and hopefully this year he will show us what he can do ;)

I really glad to hear Sjax is working out and maybe I was one of the few that thought the trade was a good thing , I seen alot of people say there is no way he would score and such like he did on a poor atlanta team he played for.

I feel better this year and I think the trade made us a better team , I guess only time will tell if that's true. I think Ron is still in a mode where he is trying to do too much on offense and I hope that will change alittle , it is really hard to be a force in this league on bothsides of the ball and one thing will always suffer. I am not going to ride are harp about Ron yet , afterall it is preseason :p

10-20-2004, 08:53 AM
Peck, if you notice I did not say that Artest had a good game, I just said I love watching him play. I could have done without a few of the shots he took.
Overall I thought the pacers took too many threes. And Ron should only take them within the offense. Meaning after the ball is moved and if the shot clock is winding down.

Peck, I too liked the perimeter defense and Jackson helps in that area. And Tinsley has improved enough defensively to the point where he is an asset now. Cassell is tough to contain with his midrange shots, but Tinsley was a factor on him in the game.

Interesting that we both thought of the Jalen - Jackson comparison. They both score in bunches and they both make scoring look easy. I had no idea Jackson could post up like he can.

Peck, I too have worries about Jackson, J.O and artet being on the floor together. That is why Jackson should come off the bench. They still will be on the floor together quite a bit, but to start the game, they shouldn't and Jax will provide a sprak coming off the bench.

A red flag was raised in my mind about the Pacers interior defense. Foster was out and that makes a huge difference, and J.O played very little and was ineffective, but I felt the loss of Al harrington in this area tonight. I don't fear the "big center" as much as I do the mobile ower forwards that Al used to guard. We'll see how that works out.

10-20-2004, 09:20 AM
Misc, quick thoughts...

Why was Foster out? I was looking forward to watching him guard KG.

I though the game was pretty boring. I usually like the preseason 'cause I like to watch the players who don't normally get many minutes. But I guess this crew of IR players don't do much for me. Except James Jones. He can play.

I missed the start of the 1st and 3rd quarters, so I didn't get to see JO play. Sounds like he struggled. We had no inside game that I saw. In fact, the whole thing seemed more like a scrimage than a game.

What'd Reggie do to his ankle? I saw he had it iced. Just normal wear and tear or did he tweak it?

We got there early to watch them shoot-around. Most of the "stars" weren't out there, but Ron was. He was shooting, and shooting, and shooting. The guy just does not want to *not* be playing basketball.

Did Ron look a little skinnier to anybody else or was I just seeing things.

My daughter got to be in the "high five kids". When the players turned to give the books to the kids, Ron faked like he was going to give it to her, then pretended to give it to one of the other Pacers next to him before handing it over. I got a kick of him goofing around with the kids like that. Nice to see.

Were some of the players doing the "Wal-Mart greeter" thing when you came in to the Fieldhouse? I heard that they were going to, but I think we got there too early and missed them.

ps. Freddie (Hoiberg, that is) looked pretty good.

10-20-2004, 09:26 AM
Doug, I thought Artest looked a little thinner.

Hoiberg is very underrated. Everyone thinks he is only a shooter. But his defense is good, his rebounding is excellent and he is a great fit on a very good and talented team.

Oh yes the game was very boring

10-20-2004, 09:26 AM
I think the interior D could be our problem this year. If J.O. and Jeff are healthy with spot minutes for Cro and Pollard we will be fine. But if both of those guys are out we are screwed.

Of course with the increased scoring that S.Jax brings maybe it wont be a problem.

I agree that James Jones needs pt. That shot he was showing in the summer league is still there and we need to keep him arround. I think F. Jones needs to be converted to a pg and put James Jones as the backup to Ron as sf. He is long, can defend and rebound. Plus he has one of the sweetest shots I have ever seen.

10-20-2004, 09:51 AM
I'm mostly concerned about the outrageous number of three pointers we shot - in particular during the third quarter when Minnesota got back into the game.

Ron, in particular, was getting the ball more than a step behind the three-point line. I know spacing is important but he's got to be closer to the basket than that.

I thought our shot selection overall was very poor. 20 3pt-FGA's? I'm still concerned that when Jackson is on the floor, everybody else might be racing to get off a shot before he shoots/ turns it over. Its not going to be long before Jay's_Dad@Section204 starts calling me every game to tell me that we traded one 'black hole' (the ball goes in to him, but it never comes back out) for another.

Who doesn't wish that Doug/Hoiberg was our backup SG - he looked great last night. Can you believe he's been around for ten years now?

Cactus Jax
10-20-2004, 10:14 AM
At least Jackson is a team player though, unlike Al. He was high fiving people, and chest bumping every player right before the 2nd half started.

I didn't think Jackson was a ball hog all that much. He was either open, or the shot clock was running down, and in either case, he's the guy I'd want shooting it out of anyone besides possibly Reggie.

Why the hell was out "D" leaving Fred Hoiberg open so many times?

And I think what Garnett did with the swatting shots was fine, and is actually a good way to keep people cold. If somebody's trying to get a rhythm off that shot then I think he definently should grab the ball.

10-20-2004, 10:21 AM
I didn't think Jackson was a ball hog all that much. He was either open, or the shot clock was running down, and in either case, he's the guy I'd want shooting it out of anyone besides possibly Reggie.


I think that's true. Although Jackson had a reputation for forcing shots in SA and Atlanta, I think in both of those situations one could make a point that he was the #1 or #2 offensive option. Here, he'll rarely be the #1 or #2 option. I'm waiting to see how well he does with the concept of "passing up a good shot so a teammate can get a better one."

I'm not saying he can't do it, but he hasn't been asked to do that at his last couple of stops and old habits are hard to break.

Its certainly nice to have an explosive scorer in the backcourt, again, however. :cool:

10-20-2004, 10:32 AM
"Why was our defense leaving Hoilberg open" In the second half the T-Wolves did a great job on their pick and rolls, they were first able to get their big guy open in the lane with their defender sealed, so the pacers adjusted to that, but in doing so that allowed a shooter to be open which normally was Fred Hoilberg. The T-Wolves were stringing the Pacers out on the Pick and rolls, something the heat used to do so well back in the riley days

10-20-2004, 10:33 AM
"Why was our defense leaving Hoilberg open" In the second half the T-Wolves did a great job on their pick and rolls, they were first able to get their big guy open in the lane with their defender sealed, so the pacers adjusted to that, but in doing so that allowed a shooter to be open which normally was Fred Hoilberg. The T-Wolves were stringing the Pacers out on the Pick and rolls, something the heat used to do so well back in the Riley days

10-20-2004, 01:22 PM
Sure, Hoiberg's good. But you'd want him over Jackson? Forget it.

SJax brings something we've needed for several years--a person who can create his own shot. It's fun for Peck and others to immediately bring a dark side to the joy (not enough shots for JO, Ron and SJax), but let's just enjoy for a moment the strong possibility that we will have a killer offense this year.

Ron is right. If they double us, they will be hurt. Jackson will make them pay.

Viewing the glass half full, I saw little signs of Jackson being unselfish. Every time someone was more open, he found them. Most of the time, as per usual the past few years, no one was open and he created a shot and made it. Yippee!

He made a sweet pass to Holcomb down low at the end of the game. He could have easily shot it instead.

Maybe Ron threw up junk last night. Apart from a few glaring exceptions last year, I always found Ron to be willing and able to get the ball to the right guy.

I'm glad Peck mentioned Anthony Johnson. He impressed me again last night and his line was also impressive (7 assists, 1 turnover). I remember last year after 20 games, Peck had a memorable post where he attributed the new success of the team to AJ.

While I'm not sure he continues to get those kind of props, I do feel very secure having him as backup pg. He's professional, gutsy, clutch, unselfish. Most importantly, he can shoot. While he will never have the mobility and fast paced flash of Tinsley, I can certainly see him continuing to finish many games this year. Because Tinsley is inconsistent shooting, including free throws, AJ becomes a better option in the closing minutes.

Last comment: this was my first game to see. I was disappointed not to get a glimpse of Harrison. With Foster out, he would have had a bunch of minutes to show us something.

10-20-2004, 02:53 PM
Sure, Hoiberg's good. But you'd want him over Jackson? Forget it.

I know he's not starting, but I don't consider Sjax to be the 'backup' SG. Perhaps I didn't make that clear.

10-20-2004, 08:32 PM
Boy, I must really be a basketball nerd. I loved the game, and didn't think it was boring at all. I've just been too busy to get on here since then.

I'll give a detailed recap (I've got my notes ;)) later tonight, but first I've got to watch Lost. I'll address some of the things above, and some things that I'm surprised no one's brought up.

10-21-2004, 12:16 AM
Okay, I'm back.

So, before I get to the good stuff, I've got to say the night didn't start out well. We always park in the open-air portion of the second floor of the Union Station garage. It's right over Pennsylvania with stairs on the side, and, even though there's a fence in the way, someone's usually jimmied the lock on the door, or you can jump over it.

Welp, not anymore. First, they removed the door. Second, they replaced the 4 foot fence with a 10 foot one, with barbed wire on top. Real nice. ********.

So, we go down the smelly alley to go eat at the pizza place that's halfway between Jillians and Conseco. Nope, it's all boarded up. I always wondered how they made a go of it when somethings not going at the Fieldhouse.

Anyway, on to the game. First thing I noticed was Jamaal is really thin. He looks so small, I called him "Pedro's little friend." My sister said she was afraid someone would break him in half.

Personally, I thought Ron looked bigger, especially in the arms, but I guess that was just me.

The star of the night, IMO, at least for the diehards, was really Pollard. First off, he looks thinner, and the hair, as Peck pointed too, really makes him look younger. Not only that, but he was so damn active. Seems like everytime one of us pointed out that Pollard last year wasn't the same Pollard in Sacramento, some wiseass would say, "You obviously didn't watch enough Kings games." Well, I tell you, the Scot I saw last night didn't remind me of his days in Sacramento. They reminded me of his days at Kansas. Seriously, he looked and played like a 20 year-old.

Everybody around me was absolutely stunned by his play. It went from, "Look, he got a rebound" to "Wow, he made a layup" to "OMG, did he just steal the ball", to stunned silence when he hit a 15 footer. Sure, he's not the defender Jeff is, just look at the fouls, but he looked like a ball player. I know it's a lot to ask, but if (excuse me, IF) he can play like that on even a semi-consistent basis during the season, I think everybody's gonna feel alot better about out Five spot (well, maybe not Peck.)

After the first couple minutes, all I could think about was how UB was gonna be on here *****ing about the new offense, since, frankly, it sucked. For those Isiah haters, don't worry, it's not The Quick. Really, it's more of the same we had last year, only much faster.

Nobody could hit a shot early, especially Ron (more in a minute.) But Rick called a TO, got everybody calmed down, and we quickly went from 2-9 to 22-13.

As for Ron, well, Peck already hit the nail on the head. I'm in the pro-Ron camp, for those who don't know the story behind my current avatar, but I was about ready to trade him last night. Just take the last 5 minutes of Detroit game 6, and spread it out over the entire game. One, horrifyingly stupid, break the offense, not to mention momentum, shot after another. It was just awful. He took 17 shots, and, though he made 5, I'd say about 14 of the shots he took were just awful. Yeah, he's the best defender in the league, but as sis pointed out, he was acting like his new number, and not in a good way.

The flip side was the new addition. As I've said, I like shooting guards who can shoot, and .571, .500, and 1.000 so far ain't too shabby. However, I have one major problem with young Mr. Jackson. He looks WAY too much like JO. Seriously, if you took JO, and reduced him by 25%, Steve would be his twin. Yeah, I know, not in the face, but from two floors up, wearing dreads, the same headband, and a #1 jersey that can easily be mistaken for #7... I couldn't tell you how many times I saw him out of the corner of my eye and my first thought was, "Jermaine, don't take a 3!!" Just infuriating. :devil:

Seriously, the one concern I had is he gambles a lot on D. Personally, I like that, but I could just hear Rick grinding his teeth. Mike Brown seemed to indicate in his chat that they like that, but I think he's just speaking for himself. Ron and Jamaal cut down on going for the ball quite a bit last season, and I can't help but assume Rick will get after Steve as well.

JO did look awful. He went back to the locker room after his first stint, was gone for quite a while, then came back carrying a second pair of yellow JO7's. What was wrong with the first pair? Don't tell me they were shot after 8 minutes of wearing them. Eh, Nike, what do you expect. :whoknows:

Peck already pointed out the KG-Reggie thing, except to say that the refs called a double delay-of-game on them. I was shocked it wasn't a double-T.

The big news IMO was the fourth quarter, specifically the lineup we used: AJ, Fred, JJ, Sax, and Holcomb. Now that's a SMALL lineup. And it worked. When we went to it we promptly went on an 11-2 run, until Flip countered by going big. As has been pointed out in articles, Sax really showed off his post game playing the Four. It is so cool to imagine him backing down all the runt SGs (AI, Jeff McInnis, <cough>fredjones</cough> ) in the league.

Speaking of Fred, he wasn't as bad as Peck says. Yeah, he looked disinterested on offense, but he did play the passing lanes very, very well on D.

That's about it for game play. Refs called a pretty loose game, for all we heard. In fact, it was one of the worst games I've seen when it comes to travelling calls (I think there was one.) Minny was Minny, Jamaal did a better job on Cassell than usual, KG played well without Jeff or a healthy JO to guard him, and Doug seriously kicked our ***. ;)

As for atmosphere, it was pretty good for preseason. Actually got kinda loud near the end. Tamika, Niele Ivey, and friends were sitting at center court, and they actually stayed the entire game (rare for a celeb sighting.)

I sure wonder what Scott Hoke did to **** off TPTB. They even removed his voice from the ATA giveaway, which is of course now done by Stacy. Since she got kicked up stairs, we've got a new emcee. I don't know if Kat will be back, too, but the new girl is pretty fine. Kind of annoying, but guys won't care. She's pretty much a dead ringer for Liz Phair, or more likely a Gen-Y Liz Phair.

They had a thing where she went into the crowd and asked a woman a trivia question: How many lbs. of air is in a basketball. The girl didn't know, so Boomer shot her and her son with a full can of silly string. The worst part is, they didn't tell us the answer. Yeah, I know I should know, but I don't. Answer?

DJ PaulB was not there, (thankfully, IMHO.) Jay will be happy to know that Chuck looks like he's lost some weight. And, of course, I noticed because he sits next to my Pacemates.

Yes, we've come to the last, and most important part of this post, the first Pacemate report of the season. First off, they danced pretty well for preseason, let alone their first game. But we all know nobody cares about that.

Stephanie was out, with what looked like a sprained ankle. :( Darcy looks way too thin, not that she's approaching Michelle territory, but I did see a good deal of rib. Besides that, all the vets were the same.

Not much in the way of newbies, since a couple of them are returnies from a couple years ago. The new tall girl, who was not a brunette before is now. Therefore, she looks a great deal like Keisha (last year's Official Hottest Pacemate, who's not around anymore. :cry:) Not in the face, but their hair and bodies are pretty similar.

Sadly, there is nobody who comes close to replacing our dear Jessica, but there is a newbie who looks strikingly like Lindsay Lohan. I guess you take what you can get. :shrug:

10-21-2004, 08:39 AM
Kegboy: great report.

I did not say anything about the Pacers offense because the T-Wolves played a zone for most of te 1st half, so I could not get a good feel for it the offense, and in the second half J.O was out, so I don't know what to make of it. Too many threes for my liking.

10-21-2004, 10:06 AM
I think a basketball holds 9 to 12 pounds of air. I haven't pumped up a regulation size ball in a long time, however...

Kegboy, how are the new seats?

Ultimate Frisbee
10-21-2004, 03:03 PM
Pounds per square inch?

10-21-2004, 07:04 PM
Pounds per square inch?

Man, I wish they would have asked you the question. I'm sure your response would have thrown the new girl for a loop. I'd like to think she was just nervous it being her first night, but she almost had me wishing Kat was there. As for Stacy doing the voice for the ATA contest I didn't even realize it was her. It sounded like a computer voice. Did I mention I miss Scott Hoke? :cry:

10-21-2004, 07:50 PM
I blurted out "8" assuming it was pounds per square inch.

Running out to the garage....

My ball says inflate to 7-9.

What do I win:

10-21-2004, 10:06 PM
Kegboy, how are the new seats?

They are just absolutely too good to be true. Of course, it helps that I got a job to pay for them, too.

I don't think I'd trade them for another seat in the house, except possibly next to Mike Brown. And, of course, next to Chuck and Mel behind the Pacemates. Lucky *******s. What did they ever do to deserve those seats, anyway. :confused:

10-21-2004, 10:09 PM
What do I win:

An all expenses paid trade to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for James Jones!!!

10-21-2004, 10:24 PM
And, of course, next to Chuck and Mel behind the Pacemates. Lucky *******s. What did they ever do to deserve those seats, anyway. :confused: