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07-01-2011, 07:40 PM

Thaddeus Young will be a restricted free agent on the other side of the new collective bargaining agreement -- whenever that will be.

But as ESPN's Chad Ford details, the Sixers could have issues keeping him in Philadelphia:

ESPN's Chad Ford
Philly's financial woes could see Young on the move

"Young continues to tantalize with his combination of versatility and athleticism. He can play both the 3 and the 4 but is more comfortable at power forward. While it's tough to gauge whether he's a potential star, given his supporting role with the team, he'll get a nice offer from someone. The Sixers have some financial woes, which means they may not be able to afford to lock him

Sort of small for a pf but is very athletic and always seems active around the basket. Still hoping we can get an all star pf but, wouldnt be opposed to bringing him in if the price was right.

07-01-2011, 08:52 PM
One advantage of bringing him in is that if we do move Paul to the starting SG position, Thaddeus would also bring good depth at the 3 position, that is the good thing about most tweeners, they are versatile.

07-01-2011, 08:57 PM
From what I have seen from him I've been pretty impressed.

Lance George
07-01-2011, 09:32 PM
Yep, one of the most underrated players in the league, in my opinion. Another added bonus: We'd be taking one an Eastern Conference rivals, Philadelphia's, best players.

07-01-2011, 09:57 PM
He's a good player but our starting SF is Granger and Young is not a true PF, which in my eyes makes him a bad short-term long-term solution to our PF spot while still costing a lot (I see him getting 7,8,9 something around that per year with the current CBA).
There's nothing wrong with Young, he's just a bad fit. I'd rather save our cap space for a true starting PF (either in trade or free agency). And save whatever we have left because we'll need to extend RFAs Roy and Hill next summer.

I think the Clippers/Nets need him the most. He's Young (!!!) and still improving and got a lot of talent.

07-01-2011, 09:59 PM
He's definitely a SF. He's a skilled forward too.

I'd be surprised if Philly doesn't keep him next to Evan Turner as they look to deal Iguodala.

07-01-2011, 11:24 PM
Pass.....he's Tweener Forward....we don't need one.

07-01-2011, 11:35 PM
he was one of philys best players in the playoffs

D squared fan
07-02-2011, 02:34 AM
I like his game. He's a scorer. Question is is he a better scorer than Granger right now??? I haven't seen many. 76 ERS games. Im sure he will be a cheaper player, Tho. Could he be a franchise type player. Or a Granger type player? Good scorer, butnot leader or can't get his own shot like Gr33????? Edit ... ok i just watched his highlights and i like his game. He's a southpaw. But takes it to the hole and has a high release and. Unlike granger. Isn't afraid to drive to hole and seems to have better handles than Granger, im sure philly will do what they can to resign him, or nets will go after him. But he's a pure SF.

07-02-2011, 11:06 AM
He's got a nice game, but he does not fill a need.

07-02-2011, 11:44 AM
I like Thad Young. Philly actually played some of their best ball with him at PF and Brand hurt.

He's not a typical PF, but is a good option if you want a small ball type of lineup.

I think we have a lot more pressing needs with big men, but he's a good player, and would add even more depth if we move Rush, and don't resign Dunleavy.

Pacer Fan
07-02-2011, 06:09 PM
Thad's natural position is PF and he is better as a PF. He is not a very good shooter (but he can improve) so he struggles playing the 3. With that said the Pacers really need a bigger PF and a better SF behind Danny. However, If Tyler is our starter, then Thad would be able to play behind both Tyler and Danny and that could be a really good fit.

07-02-2011, 06:17 PM
I didn't realize he was so...young :P for a lack of a better term hehe

07-02-2011, 06:37 PM
anybody who doesn't want him his high

Jim R
07-02-2011, 07:22 PM
He's a tweener forward who doesn't get to the FT line or shoot a very good percentage from the 3pt line. I'm not sure what the attraction is. I'm not a Granger fan, but any notion that he is in the same ballpark as Granger is laughable. He looks good scoring vs. a team's second unit, or in situations where he is matched-up on a slower defender. He's not a particularly good defender either.

I'd much rather see the Pacers go after a strong shooter who could play with either PGeorge or Granger.

Justin Tyme
07-02-2011, 07:26 PM
He's an interesting player, but is he a starter or a b/u bench player on this team. Does he have the ability to start over Hans? He's smaller than Hans, so can he play "D" and reb like most want in a PF? If not, is Bird willing to pay the salary of 8-9 mil for a b/u PF & SF? I, personally, think the money can be better used elsewhere.

Even saying that, I think Young is a good player, just not the best value for the money for the Pacers. Pass.

07-03-2011, 08:52 PM
looked up his measurments and the dude is short. 6-5.75 in socks. that makes him two inches shorter than tyler and an inch less than danny. that makes him either a SF or a tweener. he's not a PF unless he is charles barkley.

pacers need size and strength in the 4 and 5. young is more finese player and less smashmouth player.