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02-08-2004, 10:38 AM
Is to me the most eye-catching phrase in Mark's article today:


It made me think somewhat. The quote btw is from Ron, where JO states that de not really cares about loosing big leads as long as they win, which of course is right in a way, the consensus can be that they loose these big leads because:
"Once a comfort zone is achieved, their shot selection suffers, their defensive intensity sags, turnovers mount and they're soon back fighting for their lives.
That, as opposed to putting the game out of reach, resting the starters and giving playing time to reserves."
Some players do indeed go the "individual" way and what's worse, they "stop" defending, because "they have every faith" in whatever.

Clear cut examples IMO are CRO and Al but there are others that get "burned" once we have a serious lead.

Should Rick kill that attitude now and perhaps even lose a game over it to make a statement or should it remain as it is and take the chance that come playoffs these players think they can do that to ?

I know I'm in favour of taking players out who fail on defense due to intensity or lack thereoff if for anything to make a statement that the game is not about their stat lines but about making a team statement.


02-08-2004, 12:55 PM
Originally said by Jermaine O'Neal:
"People find so many ways to try to pick a team apart. The fact of the matter is, we won and they lost. I don't care what team it is, teams make runs and the really good teams are the teams that can hold them off and get the win."

I see his point, but I can't say I totally agree. I do know how I can make my mind up, though: Can someone tell me if teams that were considered some of the best the past handful of years did this or not?

Did the 2000 Pacers give up big leads a lot?
the Lakers of the past 4 years?
The Kings of the past 3?
The Spurs?

I want to know if it's true that all teams do it or not. I thought some of the best teams rarely let leads go, but then again in this league anybody can beat anybody and everyone does normally have their runs.

So, is it a real problem with this team, or is being able to withstand those bursts and win good enough?

02-08-2004, 02:22 PM
Pacers are one of the better teams in the league as far not giving up big leads.

If you think otherwise I wonder if you watch non-Pacer games or just look at the final scores.

02-08-2004, 06:31 PM
In most NBA games I have seen, the team that gets a big lead will give it up 7 out of 10 times, especially one in the first half. Why? I think a number of things factor in.

The team with the lead gets less agressive and allows the other team to dictate pace. The coach uses the bench more and the flow gets messed up. The refs, on purpose or not, seem to try to give the trailing team every opportunity to get back into the game. This may be due to the previously mention swing in aggressiveness by the teams.

It happens to every team.