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10-10-2004, 10:52 AM
Bender's not taller, but more importantly Jamaal's contract extension negotiation has started.......


Pacers notebook
Bender's knee acting up again, but he keeps playing

By Mark Montieth
October 10, 2004

Jonathan Bender of the Indiana Pacers is dealing with a knee injury again. So far, however, concern is minimal.

Last season, Bender missed 61 games after undergoing preseason surgery on his left knee. He missed 30 games two seasons ago because of a strained left calf muscle.

Now, after a summer in which he bulked up considerably and before a season that offers unprecedented opportunity for playing time, Bender is dealing with a left knee that swells on occasion.

"The knee has a mind of its own, I guess," he said Saturday.

Bender dealt with swelling in the knee throughout the summer and aggravated it in a pickup game in Atlanta two weeks ago, when he collided with Hawks guard Jon Barry.

An examination has revealed no structural damage, and team officials don't think the condition is related to his surgery last year.

Bender has participated in most training camp workouts and expects to play in the first exhibition game against Washington at Ball State on Monday.

Coach Rick Carlisle, however, said his status will be re-evaluated before Monday's game.

Bender will receive treatment to reduce the swelling and hope that time heals this wound.

Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh said the condition hasn't limited Bender's play in practice.

"You can't tell anything, other than there's swelling in the knee," Walsh said.

Bigger, not taller

Bender has heard the reports he grew an inch over the summer, but they are news to him.

"My brother told me everybody's talking like I'm 7-1, 250," he said. "I said, 'What?' "

Bender said he gained about 20 pounds to 236 in the offseason, with most of the gain in his lower body. He is not taller, however.

Pacers lay off staffers

The Pacers have laid off about 10 front-office staff workers in the first such cost-cutting move since Walsh became general manager in 1986.

"We have chosen to consolidate some functions and reorganize others," Walsh said in a prepared statement. "In this process we have had to have a slight workforce reduction."

Tinsley under negotiation

Walsh has begun negotiations for a contract extension for point guard Jamaal Tinsley, and plans to offer an option to Fred Jones.

Tinsley, a three-year veteran who enters camp as the entrenched starter, would become a restricted free agent after the season if he does not sign an extension by the end of the month. The Pacers would be able to match any offers he receives.

Walsh said it is a formality that he will pick up the option on Jones' rookie contract for another season.


The Pacers won't practice today. They will have a shootaround Monday morning and then take a bus to Muncie for the preseason game. . . . Ron Artest missed his second practice while attending his grandmother's funeral but was expected to return later Saturday. . . . Jermaine O'Neal, who hurt his foot in August workouts, is questionable for Monday. . . . Carlisle said he plans no cuts before Monday.

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10-10-2004, 12:32 PM
Good to know Bender's weight gain is mainly from bulking up the lower-body; good for being in the post, and defending post ups, right?

10-10-2004, 12:36 PM
Man, that's funny.

10-10-2004, 12:38 PM
Man, that's funny.

Didn't Mark break both of those stories? I mean, he said Bender was taller, and he said Tinsley wasn't eligable for an extension.

Hicks, you remember how we made [whip] double as [christie]? I'd like to do the same with the [bunny] and [montieth].

10-10-2004, 12:40 PM
For the record, Bruno said JB was 7'1 240, not Mark. But I believe Mark was the one who had it wrong on Tinsley's contract.

And after I post this, I'll make (without the *) :*montieth: be the same as :bunny:

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Works. :D

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Let me put my 'pessimist's hat' on. The Star has seen fit to give us just a little more on Bender's situation.

First, he banged knees and was experiencing a little swelling...

But now we read that he's been experiencing swelling all summer and it was made worse by the knee banging. The key being that we now find out there was an issue BEFORE the knee bang.

Considering how the Star likes to dribble these things out this is phrased in 'Baghdad Bobease':
"An examination has revealed no structural damage, and team officials don't think the condition is related to his surgery last year."

... "don't think"... That allows some wiggle room.

Why Bender was extended I'll never know...