View Full Version : Contender/Pretender Vol. 23 - Phoenix Suns

Ultimate Frisbee
10-08-2004, 11:49 PM

PG: Steve Nash
SG: Joe Johnson
SF: Quenin Richardson
PF: Shawn Marion
C: Amare Stoudemire


Leandrinho Barbosa
Zarko Cabarkapa
Derrick Dial
Howard Eisley
Steven Hunter
Casey Jacobsen
Maciej Lampe
Paul Shirley
Justin Rowe
Yuta Tabuse
Joke Voskuhl
Jackson Vroman

Coach: Mike D'Antoni

Re-Signed: (None)
In: Steve Nash (G), Quentin Richardson (G), Jackson Vroman (F/C), Steven Hunter (F/C)
Out: Antonio McDyess (F)
Remaining Free Agents: Keon Clark, Donnell Harvey

Ultimate Frisbee
10-09-2004, 12:01 AM
Somehow I doubt the small lineup strategy of the Suns will work in the West. In the East, they'd have a solid team, but unless Barbosa and Cabarkapa (the real future of the team, along with Stoudemire) are allowed to play more, I don't see them going very far. The west is too good. If they make the playoffs, it'll be with the 7th or 8th seed and will lose to the 1st or 2nd team.

Jose Slaughter
10-09-2004, 02:00 AM
I think you listed the Suns 5 best players but I don't think that will be the starting unit.

I think Voskuhl will start the season at center. Vroman, when healthy might challenge that later in the year.

That would leave Stoudemire at 4 & Marion at 3.

Richardson starts at 2 with Johnson as the first guy off the bench at either the 2 or 3.

Barbosa will be ready when Nash wears down.

I like Cabarkapa too but he is stuck behind Marion & Johnson at the 3. He's not nearly strong enough to play the 4.

Ultimate Frisbee
10-09-2004, 02:29 AM
I just listed the starters that I found on Hoopshype's depth charts, though I have heard rumors that the Suns will be playing a 3 guard lineup for much of the time...

I think it would be smarter to start Voshkul though, and it is probably not decided yet who the starters will be.

10-09-2004, 09:10 AM
Lots of sportswriters have been calling the Suns a playoff team. I'm not 100% convinced though I think they'll be improved.

We'll have the chance to see just how good Steve Nash really is. Is he a huge difference-maker? Or was the Dallas team, with all those scoring options, just an ideal situation for him?