View Full Version : Bruno's Mailbag, QOD> Why hasn't Reggie ever gained weight?

Will Galen
10-07-2004, 07:07 AM

Q. Due to the news of Jermaine O'Neal adding muscle and putting on some weight for a better season, I couldnít help but wonder why Reggie Miller has never put on weight throughout his career. He has known to be one of the skinniest players in the league for many years now. With a little more muscle, Reggie could be a lot more efficient at his size. Why doesnít he ever try to put on some weight for the sake of bettering his all-around game as a player? (From Chucky in Houston, TX)

A. At various times in the early stages of his career, Reggie did indeed try to add bulk and strength because there was a great deal of concern about his durability. But some guys are just meant to be thin, and thatís the case with Reggie. He is much stronger than when he first entered the league, but his weight hasnít fluctuated much. He was listed at 190 during his rookie season, and heís listed at 195 now.

As time wore on, it became obvious Reggie didnít need to weigh 220 pounds to be durable. He has proven a virtual iron-man throughout his career. Until the 2002-03 season, when he missed 12 games, Reggie had missed a total of 25 games in his first 15 seasons. The total now stands at 39 games missed in 17 seasons. When you think of the amount of punishment his body has taken, thatís a staggering statistic. Few may be skinnier than the Pacersí own splendid splinter, but even fewer are tougher.