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04-13-2011, 02:56 AM
Season finale meaningless?

The Pacers play in Orlando for the final game of the regular season but is this game meaningless? Both teams are already locked into there playoff spot so a win or loss by either team will not hurt there seeding. It may come down to who wants this game the least.

"This game (against Orlando) is not meaningless," said coach Frank Vogel. "There are no meaningless games. Every time your on the basketball court your getting better or your getting worse. We got to continue to build good habits. Most of our rotation is going to play and play big minutes. They got to continue to improve. We're a young basketball team. We can't think that we've arrived. They (Orlando) are a good basketball team. They could rest their starting five and still play at a high level."

If the Pacers get off to a good start, the Magic may pull the starters early if they play them at all. Indiana needs this game a lot more than Orlando does. Let's hope the Magic pack it in early so we can see some extended playing time for Lance, scratch that, I mean Ford.

On ESPN's Sports Nation they were showing Dwight Howard's top ten plays. Of course they had to show him dunking on Roy. "I'm not trying to get dunked on by Dwight," said Roy Hibbert "I'm working on my post defense and going to try to disrupt his flow." Roy's not looking past this team because he's not wanting to get embarrassed.

When Danny Granger was asked how he stays focused he said, "By keeping a winning mentality. We've been winning of late and we want to keep that mentality going into this game. We don't care who we're playing, we're going to try to win." He must be following Charlie Sheen on Twitter.

In the past the Pacers have had success in the last regular season game of the season. If you don't count the first eight years in the NBA where they didn't win any. In the last couple dozen years they are 17-7 in regular season finale's.

Do you think this game is meaningless? If so then are you skipping it and waiting for the playoffs? Do you think Orlando will pull the starters early and not put up a fight? Feel free to drop some knowledge. Oww!

04-13-2011, 02:59 AM
Van Gundy stated that Dwight will play tonight.

15th parallel
04-13-2011, 05:10 AM
When I read the thread title, I thought to myself "What?! This is the most meaningful season in the past several years!" Then I read the contents then realized you meant Season "finale" meaningless, as in the final game of the season...not being a prick or what but the title is somewhat misleading... :D

Anyway, the Pacers need to keep winning in order to gain some confidence heading into the playoffs. You don't want to go to the playoffs on a bad note (2 game losing streak if they lose the last game).

Major Cold
04-13-2011, 08:07 AM
:happydancAfter tonight the season will be meaningless. We all start 0-0. Finally we have a meaningful game in the playoffs.:D