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10-03-2004, 09:37 AM
Here is my team for a fantasy league I am playing in. I didnt get to draft them myself because I am busy when they are doing it. So I ranked them and got an autodrafted team. I possibly might have too many Pacers, not that they arent good enough, but some nights will be pretty slow.

PG J. Tinsley (Ind - PG)
SG M. Redd (Mil - SG)
G M. Ginobili (SA - SG)
SF R. Artest (Ind - SF)
PF J. O'Neal (Ind - PF)
F J. Bender (Ind - F)
C J. Foster (Ind - C)
C A. Foyle (GS - C)
Util G. Hill (Orl - SF)
Util J. Rose (Tor - G)
BN C. Butler (LAL - SF)
BN S. Claxton (GS - PG)
BN L. Barbosa (Pho - PG)

Does that look like a good team and Im new at doing this so if anyone has some suggestions that would be great

10-03-2004, 10:35 AM
You'll want to play Jalen Rose a lot --- if shots attempted and missed are positive things.


Ultimate Frisbee
10-03-2004, 07:10 PM
Not bad, but i see you losing in rebounds and blocks for sure..

Don't start Jalen!!!

10-03-2004, 07:26 PM
I agree with you. Greg Ostertag is available, ive never been a big fan of him, but he is the leading rebounder and shot blocker left on waivers. He had 578 rebounds and 139 blocks. Should I get him off waivers? or should I make a trade for someone? And if a trade who and who should I give up?

10-03-2004, 07:31 PM
I just noticed, but that's some pretty amazing barfing. The little guy actually barfs through his forehead too.

Re your team, dump Claxton and Barbosa and pick up guys like Mike James, Rafer, Jaric, Atkins or someone like that.

I take it you're an optimist if you have Hill AND Bender on your team.

Edit - Don't get Tag, he's stuck behind Brad Miller. Won't get enough mins to have an impact. Not a positive one anyway.

10-03-2004, 07:43 PM
Im thinking about getting rid of Claxton, but for some reason i like Barbosa so Im thinking about keeping him.
Also the reason that I have Bender and Hill is b/c it was a auto draft so I didnt have a choice, but one of them will probably be gone before the season ends. Probably Hill, Im thinking Bender will be huge this year.
WHat do you think about trading Hill and Claxton for Theo Ratliff? He has lots of blocks and rebounds which I need badly

10-03-2004, 08:12 PM
Artest and Ginobli at the swing positions is pretty cool.