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09-28-2004, 03:55 AM
Obviously some conflicting reports this week. I'm not really familiar with his game.

Can somebody clue me in?

09-28-2004, 09:22 AM
I'm not very familiar with Gill either. With Tinsley, AJ, and Wright on board, and if there is any push to get Freddie some spot PG minutes, then I doubt many of us will be very familiar with him at the end of the season, either.

09-28-2004, 09:49 AM
Wright will not be on board over Gill, quite to contrary.

09-28-2004, 10:02 AM
With or without Wright, there aren't any minutes for Gill.

From what I've read about Wright and Gill, I'm assuming Wright will eventually beat him out for the emergency-minutes-only PG spot.

09-28-2004, 10:07 AM
I'm expecting the opposite to happen; especially because we gave Gill a 2 year contract. Also, I'm sure they'd rather keep a veteran than a rookie.

09-28-2004, 10:35 AM
My goodness we're bored, debating the third and fourth (or fourth and fifth, depending on what happens to Freddie) PGs. :chuckle:

Keep in mind I was really high on Wright when we drafted him...

Gill is tradeable if/ when Wright eventually proves to be the better player - I'm not saying it will happen during this training camp, but I believe it will happen. Wright will only be cut if the coaching staff thinks he has absolutely no chance of ever playing in the NBA. We kept Brewer around for years even though it was doubtful that he'd ever develop NBA-caliber skills to go with his athleticism.

By all accounts, Wright already has PG skills, its just a matter of whether or not he can use those skills in an NBA game. His wingspan certainly helps his cause. I think Wright can turn into a Kevin-Ollie type PG, a true PG that can be effective when playing backup's minutes. I'm not sure Gill can reach that level.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why we keep giving such long contracts to guys that should be third/ fourth/ fifth string players. Two years for Gill, four years for AJ. We traded for Pollard's contract and its also way too long.

I believe, by sometime during the 2005-06 season, Wright will take the backup PG minutes away from AJ.

Granted, I haven't watched either one very much, so that opinion is subject to change wildly once I get that chance, but that's what I expect, as of this morning.

09-28-2004, 10:39 AM
I like what I've hear from Wright, but I also don't think it's a simple matter of "they'll sign him from TC unless he's awful". Reason being? John Edwards. We have 1 spot left to fill, and if it comes down to Edwards and Wright, I think we're taking Edwards unless John just flops completely. Besides, I think it was just the other day I was reading Carlisle saying they didn't want 4 PGs again this year. So for those reasons, and the fact that you can't have enough big men, I think we're gonna keep Edwards.

09-28-2004, 10:50 AM
Actually, I'm expecting Edwards to just completely flop. If they don't want the extra PG, they should be looking at a veteran wide-body that makes less than a million. Somebody in the caliber of Adrian Caldwell or Mark West, when we had those guys. For current players, somebody along the lines of Mark Pope, or AD without that absurd contract...

FWIW, I'd rather the Pacers allow Wright to go the the NBDL and get some minutes instead of hang around on the IL. Of course, they risk having somebody else "discover" him when Mel Daniels has already "discovered" him once, so that's risky.

09-28-2004, 03:23 PM
If you want to oversimplicate matters, you could say we signed Gill because of how well he played here in March. Of course, you could say the same thing about getting Pollard from the year before. :blush:

That said, he certainly impressed me when he was here. Now, granted, it was one game, but he looked good. Defended well, not necessarily on Sigg's level, but he seemed to be a smarter player. I'm happy we got him.

What I found interesting was what Rick said in yesterday's Point Guard breakdown. He said something to the effect that he's the "truest" PG we have. That tells me that Rick subscribes to the UB line of thinking, where the Point Guard's first responsibility is on defense, not offense. Can't say I agree with that reasoning; it's more important that your Point Guard can actually point. :p

Wright averaged 2 assists in college, he bombed in the summer leagues, I don't see how he's gonna make the team.

09-28-2004, 03:53 PM
Wright averaged 2 assists in college, he bombed in the summer leagues, I don't see how he's gonna make the team.

From UGA's website:

• One of the SEC’s — and, in turn, the nation’s — best point guards. It can be argued that Wright has been the program’s most indispensible player for three years running. His prodigious amount of playing time would certainly attest to such status.

2003-04 Season
• Team co-captain.
• Selected SEC Defensive Player of the Year by the league’s 12 coaches. Also picked to their All-SEC second team.
• The best, most accomplished playmaker in UGA basketball history, as his new assists record proves.
• Set the school’s career assist mark Feb. 7 against Auburn on a Jonas Hayes jumper with 7:08 remaining.
• Needed five assists on Feb. 4 vs. Ole Miss to break the record of 466 but settled instead for a career-best six 3-pointers and a game-high 21 points.
• In the regular-season finale vs. Vandy, he became the 33rd player in UGA history to score 1,000 career points.
• Recognized by the SEC twice in the week of Jan. 19-25: Player of the Week and also as a member of the league’s “Good Works” team. Won the former award for his big role in Georgia’s win Jan. 17 at Kentucky.
• Leads the SEC in this unpublished stat: minutes per game. His 37.0 mpg is ahead of teammate Damien Wilkins.
• Missed the Vanderbilt game Feb. 11 with a sprained left ankle, and the Bulldogs scored just 39 points in his absence.
• Set several career offensive highs in win over Florida Atlantic, including points, FGs made and 3FGs attempted.
• Made the game-winning shot with 15 seconds left against South Alabama; it was his only field goal of the game.
• His 18 free-throw attempts against Kentucky were the most by a Bulldog in 14 seasons.

2002-03 Season
• Led the SEC for most of the season in assists and the all-important measuring stick for point guards: assist/turnover ratio (+2.98/1).
• The only player in UGA history to hand out at least 100 assists in each of his first three seasons as a Bulldog. In the regular-season finale vs. USC, he became the 4th player in UGA history to give out 400 career assists.
• His only bucket of the Tennessee game Jan. 22 was a shot clock-beating fadeaway 17-footer with 10 seconds left in overtime.
• Averaged 11.6 points, 6.0 assists and shot 60 percent from the field in the 5-game homestand that covered mid-December and the SEC opener vs. LSU.
• Credited with shutting down two highly-touted guards in the pre-SEC schedule: Gonzaga’s Blake Stepp (4 pts., 0 threes) and Pitt’s Brandin Knight (0 FGs until the final 5:10 of the game).
• Had perhaps his best game of the young season Dec. 28, when he got a double-double with zero turnovers vs. Horizon league champ Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
• Earlier this season he became the 11th player in UGA history to score 500 points and hand out 300 assists in his career.

2001-02 Season (Soph. year)
• You could credibly argue that Wright was the Bulldogs' most valuable player in '02. Head coach Jim Harrick theorized that they would likely not have won half their games without him.
• Perhaps the greatest testament to his value came in the season finale. With Georgia sitting on a 30-11 lead vs. Southern Illinois, Wright took a quick breather. In his absence, the Salukis wrested control of the game and had taken the lead for keeps by the middle of the second half.
• Was also credited for turning around the Dogs’ NCAA 1st-round game, shutting down Murray State’s hot shooter, Justin Burdine from the mid-1st half thereafter.
• Season will be remembered for two moments of heroism in consecutive late-February games. Hit a game-winning 19-footer with 22 seconds left in Georgia's win at LSU. Four days later, he sank an improbable, heavily-guarded, game-tying 3-pointer with :05 left against South Carolina, a game which the Bulldogs won in overtime.
• Just missed another game-winner in the regular-season finale at Tennessee, rimming out a driving, fallaway 10-foot jumper.
• Led the SEC in assist/turnover ratio, the all-important measuring stick for point guards, at +2.32/1. At one juncture, before the SEC slate began, that ratio stood at a gaudy +4.1/1.
• His final total of 153 assists was the second-highest single-season figure in UGA history.
• Became just the 2nd player in UGA history to hand out 100 assists in each of his first two seasons. After just two years, he already ranks 16th on the school's career assist list.
• Scored a career-high 17 points in SEC Tourney vs. LSU. Scored 17, 16 and 16 in Georgia's three post-season games, shooting an even 50 percent from 3-point range.
• Biggest improvement came in FT shooting. Where he struggled as a freshman, he made 77% of his tries as a sophomore, a mark that led all regulars.
• Though three teammates scored at least 20 points in win over Ga. Tech, he was the recipient of a “Dog Bone,” an internal player-of-the-game prize. His 11 assists/1 turnover came against a constant Jacket full-court press.

2000-01 Season (Fr. year)
• Took over the starter’s job at point guard in late December after some early experimenting there by coaches. Stabilized the position with rock-steady performances and was a big part in Georgia’s early run through the SEC schedule.
• His best overall game was Feb. 14, when he scored a season-high 13 points, with seven assists and six rebounds vs. Vanderbilt.
• Had five assists with no turnovers, facing a game-long full-court press, in Georgia’s upset win at Florida.
• Was second on the team in assists with 103. The first Georgia freshman since Litterial Green in 1989 to go over the 100-assist mark in his first season.
• Ranked 3rd in the SEC’s conference games-only stats in assist/turnover ratio at +1.85; had just three of 16 SEC games in which he had a negative ratio.
• Helped secure victory at Georgia Tech by making 4x4 free throws in the final minute.
• Helped lead Georgia's late comeback in its NCAA Tournament loss to Missouri, sinking a tying 3-pointer with 8 seconds left.

High School (Statesboro)
• All-Class All-State selection by AP and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
• Also picked to the latter's "Terrific Ten" list of top in-state players.
• Averaged 20.1 points, 7.2 assists, 8.9 rebounds and 6.1 steals per game in leading Statesboro to 27-5 record and state AA quarterfinals last season.
• Older brother Marko signed and played collegiately at Cincinnati.

• Full name: Rashad Ralphil Wright
• Birthdate: March 17, 1982
• Birthplace: Statesboro, Ga.
• Parents: Donald and Carolyn Wright
• Academic major: Sports Studies (Emphasis on Business)

Year G-GS Min-Avg. FG-FGA Pct. 3FG-3FGA Pct. FT-FTA Pct. Reb.-Avg. A TO BL ST PF-DQ Pts-Avg.
2000-01 31-22 896-28.9 49-141 .348 15-47 .319 34-67 .507 92-3.0 103 68 7 26 66-2 147-4.7
2001-02 32-32 1047-32.7 94-215 .437 21-75 .280 81-105 .771 77-2.4 153 66 8 54 65-0 290-9.1
2002-03 27-27 898-33.3 66-181 .365 19-67 .284 59-82 .720 71-2.6 149 50 11 35 53-0 210-7.8
2003-04 26-26 962-37.0 118-277 .426 58-149 .389 77-112 .688 78-3.0 75 55 13 50 46-0 371-14.3
Totals 116-107 3803-32.8 327-814 .402 113-338 .334 251-366 .686 318-2.7 480 239 39 165 231-2 1018-8.8

By my calculater, 480 assists over 116 games is more than 4 APG, and his junior season he averaged more than 5 APG.

He's a four-year college starter. The last I heard, the league needed more of those guys - especially coming off the bench.

09-28-2004, 03:58 PM
• Missed the Vanderbilt game Feb. 11 with a sprained left ankle, and the Bulldogs scored just 39 points in his absence.

He obviously knows how to run an offense...

Either that or his team just plain sucked that day...

09-28-2004, 04:41 PM
somehow, the fingers didn't quite say "I was really high on him when we drafted him..."


09-29-2004, 12:19 AM
By my calculater, 480 assists over 116 games is more than 4 APG, and his junior season he averaged more than 5 APG.

He's a four-year college starter. The last I heard, the league needed more of those guys - especially coming off the bench.

Pacers.com Camp Countdown: Point Guard (http://www.nba.com/pacers/news/countdown_2004_point_guard.html)

14.3 points, 2.9 assists, 1.92 steals (with University of Georgia)

Sorry, I read 2.9 as 2.0. So, I'll give him a tenth and say he averaged 3 assists as a senior. Still nothing to brag about.

That aside, his illustrious college career doesn't change the fact that he couldn't get minutes while Siggy was self-destructing in the summer league.

09-29-2004, 09:24 AM
I don't hold summer league play against Wright. I think the staff was giving Siggy the majority of the minutes to see if he is worth holding onto or not. They probably wanted to give him every chance they could before letting him go.

09-29-2004, 09:44 AM
I can't make up my mind about his summer league play - in part because I really expected him to come in and blow Brewer out of the water - but he didn't.

I'll agree with the notion that Wright's lackluster play in the summer league is why the team signed Gill. But, contrary to Carlisle's opinion, I haven't seen enough of Gill to think that he's truly ready to be a full-time NBA player.

This is probably the only interesting thing to look at during training camp, anyway. Everything else is pretty much set.

With one exception, but I'm saving that for the power forward discussion later...

09-29-2004, 02:48 PM
Did a quick search on Eddie Gill / Weber State:

Here's his profile from the 2000 draft (in which he was not selected):

Eddie Gill
Position: Point Guard
College: Weber St.
Conference: Big Sky
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195
Age: 21
Birthdate: 08/16/78
High School: Overland, Aurora, Calif.

Gill put together some impressive numbers as a senior. At 6-feet, he averaged an eye-popping 6.4 rebounds, but boardwork isn't the reason an NBA team would take a chance on drafting him. Gill averaged 16.3 points and shot well from 3-point range (.366) and the free-throw line (.861) this season. Even more impressive, at least as far as playing the point is concerned: He handed out 194 assists and made 90 steals. Those are solid numbers from the point-guard spot. But Gill will have to learn to play more under control if he wants a pro career.

Senior Season

First-Team All-Big Sky
Played and started in all 61 games of his career at Weber State
Ninth in the NCAA in steals (3.2) and 10th in assists (7.0)
Opened the season with nine steals against Alabama
Set a school record with 90 steals
School's career leader in FT shooting (.866)
Had a triple-double in his final home game against Montana State with 14 pts, 11 rebs and 14 assists

Junior Season

First-Team All-Big Sky
Big Sky Newcomer of the year
MVP in the Big Sky Tournament
Second in scoring at 14.0 ppg
Played every minute in both NCAA Tournament games, including the team's 76-74 upset of UNC

Salt Lake CC (Sophomore Season)
'97-98 season
Averaged 16.4 ppg and 6.4 apg, leading the Bruins to a 24-7 record
Named the Scenic West Confernece's Player of the Year

College of Eastern Utah (Freshman Season)
'96-97 season
Averaged 10.4 and 5.3 apg
Was a teammate of Weber State teammate Harold Arceneaux Notables

Weber State has never had a player picked in the NBA's first round and Shawn Campbell (5th-rd, Pho, '85) was the school's last player drafted
Led his HS team to two straight Colorado Sweet 16's Nickname is "The Thrill"

I snipped the career stats, I never can get those to look okay on here.

Here's the link if you're interested...