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01-23-2011, 06:35 AM
Let's honestly take a look at the record and individual play of some of our players and evaluate where we really stand.

Sun 02 @ New York L 92-98
Fri 07 vs San Antonio L 87-90
Sat 08 @ Atlanta L 93-108
Tue 11 @ Philadelphia W 111-103
Wed 12 vs Dallas W 102-89
Fri 14 vs Chicago L 86-99
Mon 17 @ LA Clippers L 107-114
Wed 19 @ Golden State L 108-110
Sat 22 @ Portland L 92-97

So many of these games were down to the last moments

San Antonio, New York, Golden State, and now Portland could have easily been wins, partially due to horrendous substitution patterns, and the swing that always happens to go one way or another in close games became losses.

There are positives to take however.

Paul George is proving himself to be ready of far more minutes way sooner than expected, his ceiling is through the roof. Danny has been putting his offensive game together, playing with great efficiency. Darren has been comign into his own, averaging 18 and 7 even in this system which is hell on almost all point guards. Roy is going through a slump, entire teams defenses are collapsing on him after how good he was the first month and he is adjusting, in fact he looked much better tonight, despite having to guard a much quicker and more mobile Lamarcus Aldridge.

AJ is playing! and TJ ford is benched, AJ has an uncanny knack for gettting the ball moving, a beautiful shot, and a sneaky canniness for getting to the rim.

Tyler is putting guys on the floor, and acting as more of an enforcer.

The future with the kids looks bright, and with one or two more pieces from our capspace and trades I see no reason 50 plus wins could happen in two years or so, and if Paul George ends up reaching his potential, we could actually mean something. We haven't had his type of talent on the team since jermaine oneal, and knock on wood jon bender, JO helped make us real contenders, and Paul has the talent to do that too.

Paul George could be our future franchise, and he's ours, our draft pick.

Honestly before the season started, and our fast start got people overexcited most of us would admit that with our team being so young, and being run by a new point guard, we may drop alot of close ones, and as long as were playing the kids (posey I can't explain honestly) isn't that OK for now?

I'm actually encouraged that we are going to have a shot at the playoffs, and manage to stay so close in some games when we are being game managed by a man whose substitutions would make an outsider think that he is purposely trying to throw the game on a bad bet.

Furthermore honestly aren't alot of us overlooking Collison? He's almost become a forgotten man, but his play lately has been highly encouraging. The guy legitimately looks like an honest to goodness difference making player when he is allowed to let loose and create and attack the basket. He is becoming our go to guy in the clutch thankfully in alot of situations, the guy ACTUALLY MANAGES TO GET LAYUPS AND CONVERT THEM in clutch situations, this ability alone will vastly improve our win percentage in the future. When allowed to create on the pick and roll, and having a big man that can competently hit the 10 foot jumper on the pick and pop (tyler) has reminded us that Darren can still rack up the assists and create easy baskets when he isn't being asked to hand the ball off to Solomon Jones so that Solo can initiate our offense from the high post. We knew from last year that Darren could pass, and that Darren could score. What was unknown was whether he could take care of the ball, and he is really taking care of the ball much better than he did last year, which was attrocious.

Darren is the point guard of our future, he doesn't have the suave of Jackson, but he could end up being one of the best point guards we have ever had on the Pacers. Sometimes I forget that Darren is only in his second year, he is going to be dynamite in the future.

Roy will also certainly be at the very least an above average center, and I think Roy can match his game from the first month of the year, he's still so young, and he's frustrated by defenses that are focused mainly on denying him. Roy is strong and he'll come through better than ever. Every player goes through slumps, Roy is still just a kid.

Basically just remember, that our players are developing and getting better, If we make the playoffs great, I want that experience for them, but even if they don't remember that we still have alot to root for, and don't let Jim O'Brien ruin that for any of you.

For the first time in a long time I think we have a core that we can see our future in, legit playoff runs, and a chance to compete at a high level. (and JOB will be gone at the year's end at the latest)

01-23-2011, 07:53 AM
Too bad everytime someone looks good, Posey replaces him.

But yes, there are lots of positives, and it's cool of you to remind them during loss stretches as this. Just wish we could see them on more consistent basis. Give them minutes, so we can finally see who can do what with consistent role, instead of this constant tease and frustration.

01-23-2011, 09:35 AM
True that. The talent we have is very encouraging.