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01-14-2011, 01:41 PM
So last night after the Thunder got the Magic they aired the Nuggets vs Heat game, and after watching this game, and analyzing the 68million reports that have came out about Melo's impending trade, I have only one thing to say, THANK GOD WE ARE NOT NUGGETS FANS!

"Last game [against Phoenix on Tuesday] was the first game we all played together," Billups said Thursday morning. "First game all year, you know what I'm saying? I do believe [Denver can make a run if kept intact]. I do believe that."

And with all of the reports that Billups would want a buy out, this obvious screams that the team wants to stay with it. Last night the crowd in Denver even stayed true to Melo, chanting MELO, MELO! with the announcer after everyone of his baskets. This has got to be horrible as a Nuggets fan, so through everything, JOB, Hibberts dual personality, bad rotations, DNP-CD's, and all the other BS we put up with being Pacer fans, at least we aren't Nuggets fans, or even worst, Cavs Fans!

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01-14-2011, 02:41 PM
At least the Nuggets fans still pack the house. Their support of the team has been great throughout all of this mess.

Also, I think I'd rather be in Denver's situation right now than in the situation the Pacers have been in since the brawl.