View Full Version : LSU vs Oregon State football game

09-05-2004, 02:44 AM
I was lucky, I recieved a student ticket for the game. I made sure that I was able to get some great seats. The day started out hot as hell, then about 10 minutes from kickoff the clouds opened up and it poured down for nearly an hour. The field was soaked. A few people jumped the fence to slide on the field. Its true, Saturday nights at Tiger stadium you can smell bourbon throughout all of the stadium. A streaker got onto the field, slid at the 50 yard line, then promtly got tackled by security. I think one of the best jukes I saw was from a guy who jumped the fence and totally made a security guard look stupid. This was a Barry Sanders type juke.

LSU got screwed early in the game, but what can you say. All I know is that the refs made the wrong call when LSU saved the ball from going in the end zone. Both defensive players were clearly away from the goal line. Justin Vincent may be a player to replace James with. The end of the game was one I won't forget. I wish I could get a copy of the game to watch from a different view.