View Full Version : Terms/Rules for Posting on PD (Everyone Read)

08-26-2004, 10:42 PM
These are the "3rd Edition" rules of Pacers Digest.

To post on our forums, you must read and agree to all of the following:

The Most Important Rule of Pacers Digest is this:

You have no right, at any time, to deny anyone on this forum, from the oldest admin to the newest registered member, the right to have a positive experience or conversation on this forum.

If you intentionally act rude, insulting, hateful or insensitive to anyone, or that person's friends/family/location, you will get exactly one warning to stop, and if you fail to stop, you will be banned.

Be aware, that every situation is different, and depending on how any Admin, or the person(s) being verbally abused, takes your post, it can and will effect the severity of the response by any Admin. If what was said is seen as light-hearted, it might get a free pass, or may result in only a temporary banishment. On the other hand, if what was said is seen as particularly severe or harsh, any Admin has the right to bypass a warning and immediately ban the offender.

What is seen as "particularly severe or harsh"? That all depends on who is reading it, but generally speaking, if any Admin, or the person(s) being verbally abused, thinks what was said was blatantly racist, hateful, or otherwise obscene either in general or towards a specific group or any forum user, it's going to be taken as severe enough to skip a warning and immediately ban the offender (if the offended user is reasonable in his accusation).

Be sure to read this if you feel you may get in hot water over a simple misunderstanding:

If you feel that you just made an innocent joke, were in no way intentionally trying to insult anyone, and it was a simple misunderstanding, but either any Admin or poster you've offended thinks you did intentionally do so, you MUST go out of your way to explain yourself. This is critically important to avoid any misunderstandings, unfair treatment, or needless animosity.

Saying something rude, having someone get offended, and responding with a :rolleyes: and "I was just joking" doesn't cut it.

The above text is absolutely the MOST important rule to follow if you want to post on Pacers Digest.

Secondly, we also don't allow nude photos, spamming, or advertising (exceptions can and will be made).

Past that, we like to be pretty laid-back as Admins of PD. We're here for the same reasons as everyone else is: To talk Pacers with everyone else here, and to have a good time. But we're also always around to deal with trouble and keep the forum running well.

Finally, be aware that we can, have, and will adjust our rules as we deem neccessarity to fit the forum (likely tweaks/adjustments).