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Ultimate Frisbee
08-26-2004, 09:46 PM
Following what Hicks started:

"Borrowing an idea seen on the RealGM Pistons board, we're going to go through, one team at a time, each team in the NBA, and discuss their potential for the 2004-2005, and ultimately decide if that team is going to be a Contender or a Pretender.

I'll start by listing who I think will be the starters, the bench players, and the head coach.

From there it's up to everyone to discuss this team, how good they could or should be, what record they might get, predict how their key players will perform, and ultimately decide if they are going to contend or pretend they are playing for the NBA Championship in 2005. (edit... or just for the playoffs)

I'm going to do this in alphabetical order from Atlanta to Washington.

Vol. 5 is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Probable starters (if I get these wrong tell me yours)

Eric Snow
Lebron James
Luke Jackson
Drew Gooden
Zydrunas Ilgauskas


Dasagna Diop, Jeff McInnis, Ira Newble, Alexander Pavlovic, Robert Traylor, Anderson Varejao, Dajuan Wagner

Head Coach: Paul Silas


08-26-2004, 09:57 PM
Well, word is McInnis threw a hissy fit about the acquisition of Snow, and he was subsequently assured he was still a starter.

If that's the case, depending on Luke's development, I could very easily see them moving 'Bron to the 3 and starting an Eric/Jeff backcourt, similar to Silas having Davis and Wesley start together in NO.

As for their frontcourt, I don't think losing Boozer was the death knell everyone makes it out to be, but I'm wary of Gooden. Maybe Silas can get something out of him. Z's been relatively healthy the last couple seasons, so maybe playing off a big guy will help Drew.

As for the outlook, they're borderline for the playoffs, but I think Snow will push them over the top. People harp on his contract, but he's one of the best in the game when it comes to Bball-IQ, and he's got just enough talent to make it work for him. He's going to be a great influence on James, too.

08-26-2004, 10:00 PM
Boozer should improve even mo----wait, he's not a Cavalier anymore, is he? :p

The Cavs could make it as high as the #5 seed or as low as worst in the conference. I don't know what to expect from Cleveland. It'd be one heck of a storyline if the team won the Finals without the help of Boozer. :laugh:

08-26-2004, 10:01 PM

They would have had a great offseason had they only excercised their option on Boozer. Eric Snow will be a great addition, and Luke Jackson was a great pick, though I don't know how much he will contribute right away.

With Boozer, I would say they would definitely be top 4 in the East. Without him, they still could be if Gooden has a breakout season, which is possible. But I don't think he will, and they'll make the playoffs with somewhere between a 5 and 8 seed.

08-26-2004, 10:12 PM
Had Boozer not shafted the Cavs, they may have been a legitimate contender in a few years with some acquisitions. They might still eventually. But as it is, they're now going to have a tough time even making the playoffs. Though I think they will. #4-8 are pretty wide open right now.


08-26-2004, 10:15 PM

Luke Jackson was a good pick IMO, 3 point shooting was their biggest weakness and that is what Luke is good at, 3 point shooting. IMO Gooden is a lot like Boozer, not as good though. They are a shorter PF but stocky. Both good rebounders and quick on their feet for their size. I dont think Snow is much better than McInnis, if any but it does add more depth at PG. Traylor adds more beef to the frontcourt too. I looked at their subtractions and additions and I think they have gotten a little worse, and they didnt even make the playoffs last year. Losing Boozer really hurt, but I understand why Boozer did what he did, it was a lot more money, A LOT! I dont see them making the playoffs, but who really knows?:whoknows:

08-26-2004, 10:26 PM
DEFINATELY a contender.

THe Cavs have the 3rd-best player in their conference, and even though they lost boozer, they got him help at point guard and on the perimeter.

Lebron won't have to play the point this year, and he'll be allowed to flourish at the off-guard position. I don't think 25 triple-doubles and 2nd-team All-NBA is out of the question for him this season.

Luke Jackson will be an all-rookie selection from shooting those wide-open threes that James will be setting him up for.

This is easily a playoff team.

08-26-2004, 10:53 PM
Pretender, but can still be a pretty good team; I'm positive they should be playoff-bound unless they get the injury bug of course.

08-27-2004, 12:17 AM
Pretender, but can still be a pretty good team; I'm positive they should be playoff-bound unless they get the injury bug of course.

See, this is what I feel these threads need: a REALISTIC handicapping. The question for lesser teams like these is, are they a contender to make the playoffs?

Maybe we could have contenders for home court advantage, and then contenders for a championship as well.....

08-27-2004, 12:24 AM
We can have as many contenders/pretenders categories as anyone wants; I did this meaning to have it open-ended. :cool:

08-27-2004, 12:26 AM
They may not be contenders nexy year, but they will be in the few coming years. It'll be like with Tim Duncan, any team with LeBron in it will be a contender.

Because my man LeBron has Big ups and BOO-YAH! For shiz. [/stu scott]

08-27-2004, 12:27 AM
By Eastern conference standings, a contender for HCA in the first round. By NBA standards, this looks like an 8-seed.

Ultimate Frisbee
08-27-2004, 12:32 AM
Cavs are definent contenders to make the playoffs, but are certainly NOT a shoe in... They have yet to impress me enough on a consistent basis to convice me that they are for real. That said, it will be a huge dissapointment if they don't make the playoffs... They could also be a dangerous first round opponent for us.

08-27-2004, 01:04 AM
We can have as many contenders/pretenders categories as anyone wants; I did this meaning to have it open-ended. :cool:

I'm just saying that it'd make for a more argumentitive thread if we were all addressing the same QUESTION. We have some guys here saying theyre pretenders to make the finals, other addressing their playoff hopes, etc.

Not to mention that when some people hear CONTENDER, the first thing they think of is the finals.

08-27-2004, 01:15 AM
OK, then ILovethePacers, assuming you keep doing these for me now since I'm busy, you might stick in a comment at the start of each new thread encouraging a more open-ended discussion besides "Will they win the title or not"

08-27-2004, 01:19 AM
In the East...I suppose a contender for that 5th/6th spot. I agree with Kegboy, that a starting line-up of Snow/McInnis/James/Gooden/Ilgauskas looks more likely.

I am curious in seeing how Gooden will play under Silas. Perhaps Silas can turn Drew into that strong rebounder and physical force under the boards like he did with Boozer...but realistically I just don't see it happening.

I like the Eric Snow acquisition, along with picking up Luke Jackson. With Jackson's shooting ability, he will allow Lebron to penetrate with more ease. I also like their pick-up of Tractor Traylor...for when Big Z gets hurt or in foul trouble.

Most of all - I just want to see King James.

08-27-2004, 09:09 PM
Most of all - I just want to see King James.


08-27-2004, 09:56 PM
I look for them as a 7th or 8th seed. If we still had a 5-game 1st rd series the top seeds should worry about them but probably not in seven.

They have as good of an offensive inside-outside combo as any in the EC except Miami - pretty much on a par with the Pacers. The Jones-Wade-Shaq in Miami has to be top - too bad they have no depth.

Should be a fun season in Cleveland. Next year there will be expectations.