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11-18-2010, 04:20 PM
By Bruno

Listening to T.J. Ford and Dahntay Jones talk about why they reach into their pockets to help sponsor the annual "Come to Our House" Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless, you get the idea they're getting at least as much as they're giving.

"I've been in a lot of cities and I've seen how homeless people are affected," said Ford. "Thanksgiving is a time that's about family, about bonding, about love. Even though they're out there on the streets you want to bring that atmosphere to them, to show people care about them.

"You really don't know why people become homeless. To hear some of the different stories, some of it you wouldn't expect and all the circumstances are different.

The "Come to Our House" dinner, presented by U.S. Foodservice, brought 600 men, women and children from missions and homeless shelters in the Indianapolis area to the entry pavilion of Conseco Fieldhouse for a meal prepared by Levy Restaurants and served by team members -- Brandon Rush, Josh McRoberts, Tyler Hansbrough, Paul George and Lance Stephenson joined Ford and Jones at the event.

Each of the guests received a Pacers tote bag with items including a hat, gloves, socks, towel, washcloth, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, adidas long-sleeve t-shirt, Hardee’s Thickburger coupon, and ear wraps -- as well as two tickets to the Pacers-Clippers game Thursday.

"We had a great turnout last year and there were so many people who responded so well it gave you some cheer on a holiday," said Jones. "Outside it might be a little gloomy but it's a holiday you can enjoy with people. Some of the people that show up might not have many people to enjoy it so they can come and share it with 600 other people.

"It's a small thing for me but it's a big thing for a bunch of other people. I'm so blessed that I have the opportunity to do this and I'm just trying to give back, to reach out to a community that is in need."

The dinner has taken place since 2001 and is part of Pacers Cares, and serves as the tipoff to the NBA Cares Season of Giving Campaign.

“I think Thanksgiving is one of the most important times of the year," said Ford. "It brings families together and forms a bond through prayer, food and however else people choose to recognize it. With the ‘Come To Our House’ event, I’m trying to bring that same atmosphere to those whose circumstances are difficult. I enjoy doing this, I love doing this. When I’m done playing, I’ll still do it, wherever I’m at.”

“T.J. and I both are blessed with the opportunity to help others and this is a great way to reach out into this community," said Jones. "I think it’s very important throughout the year to try to give back, but at this time of year it’s important for all to celebrate these holidays. This is a time to give thanks and we’re both grateful to be able to lend our support to this.”

Other event sponsors include Finish Line, adidas, Indiana Fever Head Coach Lin Dunn and Hardee’s. Centers and missions invited include The Julian Center; Wheeler Mission Ministries; Good News Mission; Holy Family Shelter; Sheltering Wings; Dayspring Center, Interfaith Hospitality Network, HVAF and Restoring Lives West.

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Soory cant edit the title but meant Good People

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Soory cant edit the title but meant Good People

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