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11-06-2010, 08:54 PM
A players scoring average is often a product of his playing time as much as anything else so I decided to take a look at total points scored this season so far and divide that by the number of minutes played to come up with a points per minute played stat for the season after the first 5 games. I also include the players shooting percentage for the season. (See below)

What does it tell me? Hansbrough needs more playing time, not less. He had less than 10 minutes against the Bucks and was 3 for 3 from the field. His season stat shows him shooting over 50% with the 4th highest points per minute played stat on the team. Need more offensive power from a player shooting over 50%? Play Tyler and go to him a little, especially down low.

Here is something that will surprise you. Danny is averaging 39 minutes per game averaging 21.4 points. Based on PPM scored if Tyler played that many minutes he would average 18 points per game.

Am I advocating Tyler play that much? Of course not nor am I in any way comparing him to Danny Granger. I am only saying we have more with Tyler than what we are getting in my opinion however little it may be worth.

PPM played

.548 Danny Granger shooting 43%

.482 Darrin Collison shooting 37%

.469 Roy Hibbert shooting 43%

.464 Tyler Hansbrough shooting 52%

.368 Josh McRoberts shooting 55%

.344 Paul George shooting 40%

.326 T. J. Ford shooting 43%

.291 Mike Dunleavy shooting 35%

.211 James Posey shooting 30%

.172 Solomon Jones shooting 50%