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10-09-2010, 11:10 AM
McRoberts and Hibbert looked brilliant together. Hibbert looked like a player poised to make a leap into the top tier of centers. Meanwhile McRoberts (A.K.A.: McRob, McBob, JMac) looked was a nuisance playing with energy and control inside and outside.

I love this combination. Neither player is the best on the team, but they may be the best tandem on the Pacers roster. McRoberts athleticism and energy complement Hibbert's size and presence in the paint. Not to mention the fact that both players are exceptional passing bigs which involved the rest of the team.

They may not be Robinson-Duncan, but they are certainly a breath of fresh air in Indianapolis. I have never been a huge Josh McRoberts homer, but I was impressed by what I saw last night. Both McRoberts and Roy look like the put a lot of work in the gym. Hibbert looked agile and trim, while McRoberts looked like he hit the weights this summer.

I was dissapointed when I discovered that Walsh denied the Pacers were denied Anthony Randolph (http://www.indycornrows.com/2010/9/3/1667318/anthony-randolph-rumor), but my confidence in the power forward position is now renewed.

Also, would I be way out of line saying that Darren Collison may in fact be the Pacers best player? I know it's a stretch and it's only the preseason, but Collison certainly has all of the skills and it looks like he has been given the reigns to the offense. Price also looked sharp. I realized that Price is the perfect sixth man. I also realized that Price will not be a Pacer forever. Many teams will covet what he can offer as a starter.

Ready for a new year.


Infinite MAN_force
10-09-2010, 02:38 PM
I've been saying Josh would be the perfect compliment to Roy for two years now. Glad to finally see it coming to fruition.

Of course when I used to say that, people tended to inform me that Josh was a "scrub" and a career 12th man, despite being the youngest player on the roster, with apparently no potential to improve. I'm glad hes gonna get a chance to prove his doubters wrong.

Most teams don't even have a big man that can pass, let alone two. Hope Josh gets over his injury soon.